Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on ProMods. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Forum rules and netiquette

    Any offence will be dealt with in the appropriate manner, taking the severity of the offence into consideration.
    The official rules are listed below: #
  2. Severe permanent banable offenses, with no warning

    1. Promotion of commercial products, services, links/websites; #
    2. Racism, sexism, homophobia or any other discrimination towards any other member, either a team member or user, either in public or in private and for whatever reason; #
    3. Explicit avatars, signatures, profile names; #
    4. Avatars, signatures, profile names that promote any strong political, ethnic or religious belief (these can cause arguments). If anyone has got a username that violates that but was made before this rule they should contact a moderator or founder to have it changed immediately; #
    5. Violating someone's copyright on their work, like posting a mod without asking the author; #
    6. Bullying, stalking or otherwise showing a lack of respect and privacy towards any other member, either towards a team member or user; #
    7. Porn, nudity, sex, violence and threats, horror, illegal pharmaceutical items such as drugs, hacking, pirated items and any other illegal or uncivilised item shown in any form by a user; #
    8. Violating a rule repeatedly, especially if it is in the second group, despite being punished twice already; #
    9. Any clone accounts made because the original one was permanently banned. #
  3. Offences that could lead to a warning or a temporary ban

    1. Repeatedly asking when our mod will be ready and being told multiple times that we have no date for it; #
    2. Repeatedly asking if there is any news related to a development thread or demanding new content; #
    3. Repeatedly multi-posting in a short period of time; #
    4. Topic bumping for the sake of topic bumping (so, without anything significant to add to the discussion); #
    5. Backseat moderating (when anyone except a team member tries to apply the rules to another user); #
    6. Not using English in our main forum. One can post text in their own language but only if there's an English translation (using Google Translate if necessary); #
    7. Repeatedly derailing topics (talking about irrelevant things, off-topic) except if that topic is the ProMods Roadhouse; #
    8. Using harsh language, with unnecessary swearing and cursing or name-calling, whatever the subject is about. #
  4. Forum netiquettes (not strictly enforced)

    1. Check the >ProMods Self-Help Center< when you run into general problems. If it's a common problem, you will most likely find your answer here; #
    2. Do a quick search around the forum to see if you can find your answer; someone might have had the same question as you. Look for the sticky topics and announcements; #
    3. For general issues with games please find the developer's forum. For Euro Truck Simulator 2 this is the >SCS Forum< #
    4. Don't repeatedly ask how to join the team or to become a beta tester; testers and team members are selected on their competences and it's not something you can join by just asking for it; #
    5. The usage of CAPS, while not strictly forbidden, is generally not appreciated. Excessive use may result in moderation of your posts or even warnings. The usage of format tools such as bold, underline, size, colour as well as any other option in order to make an unnecessary part or an entire post stand out is also not appreciated in excessive amounts. Please use caps, bold and underlined text in moderation; #
    6. Follow the guide on how to report bugs properly. This guide can be found >here<. In most cases, you'll find that this method gives us so much more information which can be used in solving the problem; #
    7. Do try to use proper grammar and spelling as much as you are able to. Non comprehensible methods of interchanging text such as net-speak or chat abbreviations should be kept to a minimum. Please be patient and courteous with non-native English speakers; try to write in proper English. This guideline also applies to other languages in their respective section; #
    8. When posting, use the tags above the text box, such as the code tag for posting logs or any code, or the image tag for posting a direct link to an image, to make viewing the post easier; #
    9. Help requests and bug reports sent to the developers by PM will most likely not be answered. Please use the public forum instead, so all of us can see the report or help you out with your problems; #
    10. Avoid posting images using attachments. Use external image hosts like instead; #
    11. Please avoid unnecessary quoting, especially when it involves a lot of images. Reduce your quotes to the relevant excerpts. Excessive quotation may be cut down by the moderators. #
  5. Notes

    1. Your first post might not appear immediately in the forum, because it needs to be approved by a moderator first. Please kindly wait and don't repeat the post; #
    2. If you're unsure whether your planned actions in the forum violates the rules, consult a moderator or a founder first. There will be no chances given if that action turns out to be a violation; #
    3. By using our forum and our services, apart from agreeing with these rules, you also agree to changes to these rules, should that be required. #
    4. Thank you for your consideration.

      The ProMods Team #