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Unpacking trouble

The unpacking process is different based on which method of downloading you have chosen. We use the latest LZMA compression technology which may not be supported by older archiving software. You need the latest version of 7-zip or WinRAR to extract the 7z file succesfully. You can test if the archive is corrupt by pressing the TEST button in your archiving software. If errors are reported we recommend downloading the archive(s) again.

Paid link

When downloading from the paid link, the mod will be served in a single archive and you should be able to extract the contents directly into your mod folders.

Free link

When downloading from the free links, the mod will be served in a set of multi-part archives. This method finds its origin in the days of floppy disks, where larger games were distributed on a set of disks as they did not fit on a single disk.

You can manually extract the files by extracting PART 1 ONLY. The other parts will follow automatically. If you attempt to extract the other parts you will either receive an error or overwrite the files that you had already succesfully extracted when you extracted part 1.

Corrupted files

If you get an error saying the files are corrupted this is 100% false. It's more than likely to be one of the following problems:

  • 1) Your archiving software is outdated and cannot extract LZMA-32 archives.
  • 2) You're trying to extract files which aren't in the same folder, all .7z.00x-files must be in the same folder.
  • 3) One or more files are not named sequentially. All files must be named promods-vXX.7z.00x. You may not have files like promods-vXX (1).7z.00x.
  • 4) One or more files are missing or incomplete. Please use the file tester to verify.

Hope we helped you!

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