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by zyprexia
21 Aug 2019 12:50
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Topic: DEF file
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Re: DEF file

I also have an 7600K and a RTX2060, ultra settings and used PM high distance settings. No issues what soever..

You can always generate two def files and prefix them with '_avg' and '_high' and add only one to your PM profile. If you have issues with the high def file, change to the avg def file..
by zyprexia
21 Aug 2019 12:47
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: More Airports to deliver to? / More complex junctions/cities?
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Re: More Airports to deliver to? / More complex junctions/cities?

I agree. Sea ports and airports are major transportation hubs.
However the current official ETS2 UK rendition comes from the UK Truck Driver game. PM has improved UK a fair bit, but city layouts are old style (just a simple grid).
by zyprexia
21 Aug 2019 12:39
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Topic: Always late
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Re: Always late

While it is not an ideal solution, you could also (temporary) disable the fatigue simulation, so that you don't have to sleep. As rest time restrictions are not implemented in the game (fine if you drive more than 4,5 hrs without a break for example), the fatigue simulation is nothing more than a ni...
by zyprexia
25 Jul 2019 08:57
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Topic: truck
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Re: truck

You mean horsepower wise? That would be a volvo with a 750HP engine. Close 2nd is Scania with a 730HP engine..
The Special Transport DLC introduced heavier truck chassis like the 4x8 chassis that can be used to pull very heavy loads that are in need of escorts..
by zyprexia
19 Jul 2019 01:13
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Topic: [Opinions] Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC
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Re: [Opinions] Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC

I know a C# developer from St. Petersburg and he said that SCS did capture the city very well. He was actually so impressed that he bought the base game + Baltic DLC just to drive through his 'own' city. You want to know what cities really look like crap? All the cities that come from ETS1, GTS and ...
by zyprexia
18 Jul 2019 15:40
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Topic: Error Installing ProMods v2.40
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Re: Error Installing ProMods v2.40

Tip: Remove WinRar and install free 7-Zip.
7-Zip can also extract (and create) RAR achives..
by zyprexia
12 Jul 2019 12:20
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Topic: [Central] Paid download questions
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Re: If I pay, can I download the easy one again?

Hi, No, you can only download once. I believe there is a small window where you can resume/retry the download, but that is probably limited to an hour or so. Also every version has a different sku, and even if you were able to re-download, then you would only be allowed to download the version you p...
by zyprexia
05 Jul 2019 16:26
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Topic: [Central] Free download questions
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Re: Ban in certain countries for free download of ets2 map mod pack 2

Also make sure you are not using an download accelerator that is trying to download multiple file parts at once..
by zyprexia
29 Jun 2019 15:19
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Topic: In Mod Companys
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Re: In Mod Companys

There are basically two list of companies. There is the ETS2 vanilla list and there is the Company & Trailer Pack by ProMods. Keep in mind there is already a ProMods Cabin Accessories AddOn (see add-ons menu item in top toolbar).. Both the company pack and the cabin pack have their own development s...
by zyprexia
20 Jun 2019 21:25
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Topic: Older versions upgrade
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Re: Older versions upgrade

You can use the DVD key in steam.

Note that ProMods currently does not support the latest version (1.35).
You have to downgrade to 1.34 (go to ets2 properties in steam --> Betas --> select the 'temporary_1.34' version)

Hope this helps.