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by DerDude42
17 Nov 2017 10:09
Forum: Development updates and Q&A
Topic: Development on version 2.x (Austria Rebuilding Project)
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Re: Development on version 2.x (Austria Rebuilding Project)

I would like to say thank you for the rebuild of Vienna. Now it isn't a SCS standard copy and paste city anymore. :D
by DerDude42
11 Aug 2017 10:03
Forum: AI mods
Topic: Rudis Traffic Mod: 1.35 v1.1 (27.06.2019)
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Re: [REL] Rudi´s Rush Hour v1.2 for 1.27

I'm using this traffic mod since a couple of days with 1.28 and i'm positive surprised. The traffic behaves very realistic most times. At the console (uset g_traffic) i switch from time to time between 6 and 8. :D Sometimes the traffic does make funny crashes. Cars or trucks block the road and can't...