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by CrashBarryer
12 Dec 2018 13:11
Forum: Map mods
Topic: [REL] The project of Murmansk v 1.0 by Diman_26
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Re: [REL] The project of Murmansk v 1.0 by Diman_26

Download link for this map is dead
by CrashBarryer
04 Jan 2016 20:33
Forum: Map mods
Topic: [DISCUSSION] Russian Open Spaces
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Re: Russian Open Spaces

Ive been trying to use Pro Mods with Russian Open Spaces and the Russia Map(all the latest versions) Pro Mods 2.0 Rus map 1.61 and ROS 2.4 Ive installed ProMods and the Russia map as described in the readme text file for the Rus Map,but in combination with ROS mapIm getting crashes. If anyone has th...
by CrashBarryer
15 Sep 2015 22:49
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Bugged crossroads in Iceland (Fixed for 2.0)
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Pro Mods roundabouts in Iceland issue

Forgive me please if this issue has been raised ina previous post. On a trip from Rekyavic to Pau in Southern France I became aware of an AI issue with their vehicles at roundabouts that caused a blockage with another Ai car in front of me waiting to enter the roudabout. It becomes apparent that cer...