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by cipinho
18 Aug 2019 19:17
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: How to fix this bug [License plate slots were depleted!]
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Re: How to fix this bug [License plate slots were depleted!]

actually you can keep most of Jazzycat packs, but remove painted trucks! and mandatory add these in your Steam launch options : -mm_pool_size 4000 -mm_max_resource_size 50 -mm_max_tmp_buffers_size 1000 keep pool_size smaller if your GX 1050 has less than 4 Gb VRAM, try 2000, for the rest it should w...
by cipinho
12 Aug 2019 15:32
Forum: Non-ProMods problems
Topic: Game crash (using mods)
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Re: Game crash (using mods)

Will choosing both make it better or worsen it? sorry to say but none will work in yuor case you expect to get this traffic 00:02:39.675 : Loaded traffic trailers of type 'semi_trailer': 1318 00:02:40.214 : Loaded traffic vehicles of type 'car': 818 00:02:41.137 : Loaded traffic vehicles of type 't...
by cipinho
12 Aug 2019 14:01
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: Game Stuttering (Hiccups)
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Re: Game Stuttering (Hiccups)

@Black82: probably you have read my old post where indeed I had this problem. now it's the opposite, traffic generate better with these values: -mm_pool_size 4000 -mm_max_resource_size 50 -mm_max_tmp_buffers_size 1000 make sure you have at least 4 Gb VRAM to use pool_size value of 4000. if you have ...
by cipinho
12 Aug 2019 13:36
Forum: Français
Topic: * Promods 2.41 *
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Re: * Promods 2.41 *

tiviking: ton problem est 100% dans le fichier map_data.sii qui s'est trouve dans ProMods def. tu as placé une qutre fichier devant ProMods, donc soit bouge ProMods tout un haut (sauf le mod de traffique si tu en utilise), soit suprimme le mod inutile qui contien ce fichier, map_data. il est possibl...
by cipinho
28 Jul 2019 16:37
Forum: Development updates and Q&A
Topic: Development on Add-ons (Middle-East Add-on v2.x)
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Re: Development on Add-ons (Middle-East Add-on v2.x)

thanks for this nice add-on! the values from map_data makes the entire map shifting so I use the default ProMods map file. I removed also a few ferries ;)
by cipinho
18 Jul 2019 17:36
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Cannot download free TCP
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Re: Cannot download free TCP

it's working now! and no, I never had add blockers enabled on ProMods website ;)
by cipinho
13 Jul 2019 18:23
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Cannot download free TCP
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Cannot download free TCP

this may be a bug from your side. I always pay the 1 EUR for Promods map, and I always download for free the trailer pack because I only use the company pack not the trailers. this time everything went well with downloading ProMods map 2.41, however for the free TCP I always get the same window that...
by cipinho
07 Jul 2019 00:03
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: ProMods and ETS2 1.32 potential issues
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Re: ProMods and ETS2 1.35 potential issues

This issue is back on 1.35 less obvious than last time so more difficult for SCS to accept that the game has a problem in 1.35.
Meantime I have seem some people here with similar issues caused by memory insufficiency getting advices to reinstall the GPU driver :lol:
by cipinho
21 Jun 2019 14:16
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Game update 1.35
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Re: Game update 1.35

1.35 has been a really big update that changes a lot to the game engine, therefore it takes time for us to adapt our work I don't know programming, coding, I can only make assumptions based on what I see during my tests while I update my traffic density mod and Ai traffic packs. My opinion is that ...
by cipinho
12 Jun 2019 13:03
Forum: AI mods
Topic: What are some mods I should have for AI?
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Re: What are some mods I should have for AI?

I'm thinking about downloading his truck and bus addons, but I'm wondering whether I'll still have primarily cars showing up on the roads or would that make a lot more buses and trucks show up? I'd prefer to have mainly cars show up on the roads please read the links in my signature, there are from...