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by Teaser
31 Oct 2019 05:02
Forum: AI mods
Topic: What are some mods I should have for AI?
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Re: What are some mods I should have for AI?

This is an older topic, but I don't want to create a new one for a similar question, so.. What exactly are Jazzycat's BDF trucks and what are the painted trucks? What's the difference between them? As for the Russian vehicles, are they programmed to somehow only appear in Russia inside promods, rus...
by Teaser
06 Oct 2018 14:26
Forum: Truck mods
Topic: Best Truck Mods
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Re: Best Truck Mods

Don't these trademark licenses expire after some year? I ask cause for example L.A. Noire use 95 real name vehicles; some of them no longer exist like Studebaker or Packard but others like Cadillac or Chevrolet still exists. I doubt they payed licenses for all of them, so maybe there's an expiratio...