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by Intruder92
06 Aug 2018 21:25
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Topic: Where are you living?
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Re: Where are you living?

Aleksinac, South Serbia (30 Km away from Nis to the north) !
by Intruder92
11 Jun 2018 01:46
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Topic: The 99 Hours Journey - Delivery Challange 01
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The 99 Hours Journey - Delivery Challange 01

DAY 01: The "99 Hours Journey" started in a far region of Iceland, in a city called Isafjordur. The job was to take trailer full of gas to the Southern Italy, in the city of Palermo, 99 hours trip and 6190 Km away. The weather conditions were making it difficult since it started pouring. So with th...
by Intruder92
09 Apr 2018 22:10
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Topic: Is it possible, if SCS make World Truck Simulator
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Re: Is it possible, if SCS make World Truck Simulator

It sounds like a great idea, having whole world to travel, but I think (said by the others as well) it would be long and lasting project and it would probably need High-End PCs to load so much details and files. I think the ProMods team does a great job making basic ETS2 map greater, more realistic ...
by Intruder92
06 Dec 2017 02:32
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Topic: [2.25] Long loading times - solution in "annoucments"
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Re: Promods 2.25 taking 2 minutes to load.

Thank you for this hint. It does the job pretty well.
First time it took about 5 minutes to load the game, but second time it took less than 20 seconds to load the game with active mods like (50k Addons, Big Stars Arocs/Actros, Hella Rallye 3000 Lights and SiSL Megapack) on my existing profile.