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by AkosTGX
07 May 2018 15:59
Forum: Non-ProMods problems
Topic: Kennwood w900 in Ai ?
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Re: Kennwood w900 in Ai ?

I have the same problem! In parkings I see only DAF CF,(1.26)after that only Mercedes-Benz Axor(1.27-28) and now I have the same problem only Kenworth everywhere and a few friends of mine who using Promods are fighting with this problem too.
by AkosTGX
02 Mar 2018 23:02
Forum: Magyar
Topic: Fejlesztési hírek, információk
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Re: Fejlesztési hírek, információk

Az SCS mindig órajárással ellentétesen adta ki a map DLC-ket (GE,Skandi,FR,IT) Ha most is igy megy akkor Balti államok most,Majd Ír,majd az Ibériai félsziget és végül Balkán vagy RO/BG. Amit ők csinálnak sosem fog felérni a PM-hez,amire ráférne egy Hungary rebuild,legalább annyira mint Ausztria van ...
by AkosTGX
20 Jan 2018 19:28
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: Ideas for Promods!
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Re: Ideas for Promods!

Imigrants in Calais The "Jungle,, near highway and some (black)pedestriants,and many police officers on the highway, on the petrol stations,and in the parkings near Calais. Petrol stations:Should remove the base little SCS petrol-stations and build big petrol-stations with many parking lots like in ...
by AkosTGX
23 Sep 2017 11:26
Forum: Development updates and Q&A
Topic: Development on version 2.x (Hungary Edition)
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Re: Development on version 2.x (Hungary edition)

When we have Waberer's base in Budapest? :D
by AkosTGX
28 Aug 2017 19:46
Forum: Not a bug
Topic: Some citys are out of map!!!!
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Some citys are out of map!!!!

Here you can see my problem(+I have random crashes)
I think the activation order is correct(I actived how I see in a YT video)