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by Massim0
01 Oct 2019 16:37
Forum: Misc. mods
Topic: Animals crossing roads mod
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Animals crossing roads mod

Hello all truckers,
as the title says, I wonder if there is a mod where you randomly and suddenly find deers, cats, chickens etc crossing your road, making the journey more dangerous. It could be funny, maybe someone is working on it? :D
by Massim0
14 May 2018 18:23
Forum: Map mods
Topic: Now comes update 1.31
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Re: Now comes update 1.31

Yeah indeed. They upload to 1.31 today. I thought it was a simple update so I let it does, instead it is 1.31 version of ETS2, mmh ok...Now let's wait for PM
by Massim0
26 Sep 2017 17:41
Forum: Misc. mods
Topic: [REL | OB (220719)] NaturaLux - ETS 2 Edition (Enhanced Graphics and Weather)
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Re: [WIP] Foggy Weather 2.0 - ETS 2 EDITION (New Graphics & Weather)

Just now figure it out, I can use an older version. I was here sitting waiting :)