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by joost124
06 Jul 2019 16:02
Forum: AI mods
Topic: [DISCUSSION] Jazzycat mods
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Re: [DISCUSSION] Jazzycat mods

<r>love it !, i think thumps up for the guy, i use almost all his packs and they are great.<br/> <br/> <SIZE size="85"><s>[size=85]</s><COLOR color="green"><s>[color=green]</s>Toegevoegd in 1 minuut 35 secondes:<e>[/color]</e></COLOR><e>[/size]</e></SIZE> <QUOTE author="BebeMischa" post_id="243689" ...
by joost124
15 Dec 2018 13:36
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: ProMods 2.32 2
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ProMods 2.32 2

i got a problem loading, does anyone wanna have a look at my log ?
happy holidays everyone !
Regards Joost124 ॐ

by joost124
04 Dec 2018 13:23
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: [Known non-ProMods issue] Partially invisible AI traffic
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Re: Partially invisible AI traffic

i have the same problem anyone find out yet ? ive tried the uset_r thing, didnt work (just change and save right?)
if so, i did it and no result.
by joost124
27 Nov 2018 14:44
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: game crash
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Re: game crash


Thank u ! , ill try it out
by joost124
27 Nov 2018 13:57
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: game crash
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game crash

Hello ,

someone understants this game.log ?
it keeps crashing (i think "flared lights" mod ?
thank u

regards Joost124