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by rwowen218
02 Dec 2018 15:32
Forum: Fixed bugs
Topic: [Fixed] [#16976/#17102/#17103] [2.32] Black textures with OpenGL
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Re: [2.32] Black buildings and signs, Porthmadog and parts of London

How hard is it add a dedicated OpenGL beta tester. Seems like a simple solution. I volunteer to do it. LOL
by rwowen218
31 May 2017 15:47
Forum: Map mods
Topic: [CLOSED] [REL] 1:1 scale Northern Scandinavia v0.99.5 for 1.28
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Re: [REL] 1:1 scale Northern Scandinavia v0.99.4 for 1.27

Is there a proper load order for the files?
by rwowen218
26 Apr 2016 18:06
Forum: General ATS Chat
Topic: Will the PM team work on ATS?
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Re: Will the PM team work on ATS?

The interstate system is supposed to be uniform, regardless of the state.
by rwowen218
10 Mar 2016 14:12
Forum: General ATS Chat
Topic: American Truckers on the Road "Youtube"
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Re: American Truckers on the Road "Youtube"

Sergei Dratchev does heavy haul videos
by rwowen218
12 Jan 2016 12:50
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: Game crashes when driving through Siedlce
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Re: Game crashes when driving through Siedlce

Unfortunately, not all of us have that option.
by rwowen218
07 May 2015 03:02
Forum: Fixed bugs
Topic: [Fixed] [1.91] E4, Jonkoping, game crash
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Re: 1.91 Crashing - E4 Towards Jonkoping

It may be an issue related to the Mac OS port of the game, because I've never seen this error before: While OS X maybe the common OS is these bugs reports, the game works fine without ProMods installed. Once ProMods is activated, the crashing begins. Without ProMods, I can drive for hours without i...
by rwowen218
06 May 2015 14:07
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: ETS2 CTD
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ProMods just does not work well with Mac/OpenGL. I and others have the same problem.