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by Tempto
25 Jul 2019 10:52
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: Promods 2.41 ETS 1.35 micro freeze 2
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Promods 2.41 ETS 1.35 micro freeze 2

Hey, I'm experiencing the exact same thing. I also made a post about it on the forum, and you're the only other person I've found who seems to be noticing this issue. I also have a 144Hz monitor (Freesync, not "officially" G-Sync compatible but it works flawlessly). I wonder if this is maybe an NVid...
by Tempto
22 Jul 2019 19:43
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: 2.41 - Stuttering in certain areas
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2.41 - Stuttering in certain areas

Hi, I've noticed that in certain areas (especially the Balkans), there's an annoying amount of stuttering. It's not unplayable levels, but it's still really annoying nonetheless. I don't use any other mods that could affect FPS or performance in any way (just a couple of very minor mods). I have a h...
by Tempto
11 Jul 2019 10:07
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Different payment option
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Re: Different payment option

I second this. I always want to pay when I update this mod, but Paypal is not an option for me where I live. The ability to pay via credit card would be really useful.