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by TairikuOkami
15 May 2020 19:41
Forum: Map mods
Topic: [REL] Southern Region Map 8.0 [1.37]
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Re: [REL] Southern Region Map 7.9.0 [1.35.x] + Fix for 1.36 [UPD 2019-12-15]

Why do some parts of the road look so bad (like an old grainy movie)? Is it by design or is it just old parts of the map?

by TairikuOkami
10 Apr 2020 16:03
Forum: Non-ProMods problems
Topic: ETS2 mods crash 2
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ETS2 mods crash 2

Still no fix, Jazzycat's mods just keep crashing. This time it even crashed before it finished loading the save. :| EDIT: I forgot, that when using Motorcycle Traffic Pack, you have to choose either the default traffic or Jazzycat traffic. Once I did that, crashes stopped. I guess, it is the same, w...
by TairikuOkami
26 Feb 2020 13:24
Forum: Map mods
Topic: [REL] RusMap 1.9.2 (unofficial adaptation by Sergey061) [1.36.x] [UPD 2019-12-26]
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Re: [REL] RusMap 1.9.2 (unofficial adaptation by Sergey061) [1.36.x] [UPD 2019-12-26]

Does Rusmap actually work? I kept falling off the road (AI vehicles too), at 3 different places, then I gave up, since it was unplayable like that.
by TairikuOkami
26 Feb 2020 13:19
Forum: Čeština/Slovenčina
Topic: Československo
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Re: Československo

SVK Mapa funguje, ale pak se nezobrazuji jmena mest smerem na zapad. Neco je zhnile v state slovenskem. :P
by TairikuOkami
26 Feb 2020 13:17
Forum: Čeština/Slovenčina
Topic: Nekontaktibilní 2
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Re: Nekontaktibilní 2

Mi to též nefunguje, to mám verzi 1.36.2, ale to si steam sám aktualizuje, pokud to neaktualizuji, tak mě prostě nepustí hrát. A už vůbec mi hlava nebere, že tu vývojáři pustí do světa promods 2.43, ale na TMP mě to nepustí vůbec. A o tom to je. Neupírám chlapcům snahu, ale pokud něco nabídnu, mělo...
by TairikuOkami
15 Feb 2020 14:46
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: How to report impossible parking?
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How to report impossible parking?

There are several areas, where it is impossible to park to finish the job or to load the cargo. There is no bugs.txt to post coordinates. Like: