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by Malamen
20 Jun 2018 12:06
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Very bad performance around Bilbao area
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Very bad performance around Bilbao area

Hey guys, anyone else have really poor performance near Bilbao. It looks like it's the worst area of the map for me. Everywhere else I have 40-60 fps but when I go there it drops to 20's. I do have Project Next-Gen mod and Reshade which I know affects performance but as I said, everywhere else it's ...
by Malamen
08 Jun 2018 21:56
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Which one?
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Re: Which one?

I use Project Next-Gen and the game is gorgeous. No issues whatsoever.
by Malamen
21 May 2018 14:12
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Which Graphics Mod?
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Re: Which Graphics Mod?

I use Project NEXT-GEN with reshade 3.0 on Promods 2.26 and the game looks amazing.

I still haven't tried 2.27 tho, but I guess it will be fine.
by Malamen
17 May 2018 12:18
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hello ppl
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Hello ppl

Hello guys, I just wanted to say thank you for this great mod. I have hundreds of hours in ETS2 and I've always heard about Promods but I've never installed it because I thought that for such a huge mod there was a big probability that it would cause issues with the game and break things (ridiculous...