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by Niits
16 May 2019 10:03
Forum: Map mods
Topic: [WIP] Middle-East add-on
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Re: [WIP] Middle-East add-on

You're doing and excellent job , so excited. Can't wait for the release. I wish I had the patience and time to learn how to create quality content! Thanks!
by Niits
07 Jan 2017 16:00
Forum: Development updates and Q&A
Topic: Development on version 2.x (France Merge)
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Re: Development on version 2.x (France merge)

Hello, you're doin a very great job! I just cannot wait the see the France Merge out, I've just play for the first time with the new addon, and wow. It's bad (in my only opinion)
Promods never disappointed me, I can only expect good things :D