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by rotkerim
09 Aug 2018 14:14
Forum: Misc. mods
Topic: Accessory addon
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Re: Accessory addon

Abdurrezzak3500 wrote:
22 Jul 2018 10:12
Cabin Acc. DLC, SISL Mega Pack and ProMods Cabin Acc. are awsome! I'd highly recommend you to use all of them. If you want something for Scania then you should check Mighty Graffin DLC.
how can I get just Promods Cabin Acc.? I have ProMods , but have not Cabin add-on?
by rotkerim
09 Aug 2018 13:08
Forum: Trailer mods
Topic: Turkish Companies
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Re: Turkish Companies

Dostum ProMods'un son sürümü ile çalışıyor mu? ve bu kargo firmaları sadece türkiye haritasında mı cıkıyor karşımıza yoksa dünyanın her yerinde çıkıyor mu?

is it working with Promods? and are there This Companys just in Turkey or All world? ( sorry my English)
by rotkerim
08 Aug 2018 10:43
Forum: Map mods
Topic: [REL] RusMap 1.8.1 [1.31.x]
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Re: RusMap v1.8 (1.30.x)

Hello friends. My English is very bad. sorry for this. RusMap's speed limit signs are wrong. the sign says 90 or 110, but navigation is showing 130. sometimes it says 80 (?) but the navigation shows 50 (?). Is this a known problem?
Please help with a simple English. Thank you.
by rotkerim
08 Aug 2018 09:42
Forum: Map mods
Topic: [REL] ScandinaviaMod ProMods map add-on v0.4 for 1.32.x
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Re: [REL] ScandinaviaMod ProMods map add-on v0.4 for 1.31.x

hello My english is bad sorry. Which I active on Mod Manager?

ScandinaviaMod v0.4(ETS2 v1.31x).zip or

ScandinaviaMod v0.4 'FIX' (ETS2 v1.31x).zip ?