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by MantasTheK
27 Dec 2018 11:38
Forum: Development updates and Q&A
Topic: Development on version 2.x (Baltics merge)
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Re: Development on version 2.x (Baltics merge)

I agree on suggestions only to add areas in Baltic DLC and not rebuild. SCS did a great job with Lithuania and other countries. I liked the detail more in ProMods tho. Signs, road works, textures. SCS version is a bit lacking in detail. But authenticity and road network, plus assets is more accurate...
by MantasTheK
04 Dec 2018 11:06
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: [Opinions] Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC
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Re: Development on version 2.x (Project Euromir)

Hello, guys, first of all big, big thanks to ProMods team and all developers for their effort and dedication to this wonderful project. Regards to this new Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC, I gotta say, it's truly an authentic replica of Baltic countries. I'm Lithuanian myself, so I opened my ETS2, started...