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by Arexander
19 Aug 2016 10:40
Forum: Suomi
Topic: Peli kaatuilee
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Re: Peli kaatuilee

Jos tuo multiplayeristä oli kyse, niin neuvoksi oli foorumeilla annettu odottaminen, eli odota noin 5-10 minuuttia black screenin osuessa, niin pelin pitäis taas toimia eikä samanlaista odotusta tuu uudestaan. Itsellä ainakin auttoi se odottaminen, vaikka se tuntuikin järjettömän pitkältä ajalta, ja...
by Arexander
16 Aug 2016 08:39
Forum: Fixed bugs
Topic: [Fixed] [2.10] Kuopio, sign facing wrong way
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[Fixed] [2.10] Kuopio, sign facing wrong way

The city limits sign and the attached speed limit sign are facing the wrong way when entering eastern Kuopio, a bit west of the coordinates.

by Arexander
14 Aug 2016 16:30
Forum: Fixed bugs
Topic: [Fixed] [#5186] [2.10] Kristiinankaupunki, AI disappears
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[Fixed] [#5186] [2.10] Kristiinankaupunki, AI disappears

AI disappears on the junction a bit south of the coordinates.

by Arexander
16 May 2016 21:06
Forum: Development updates and Q&A
Topic: Development on version 2.x (British Isles Edition)
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Re: Development on version 2.x (British Isles edition)

Voice line relevant (skip to 1:50):
by Arexander
11 May 2016 18:37
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: muiltyplayer
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Re: muiltyplayer

I certainly recommend at least giving it a try. A human player always feels different than an AI one, but at times can be just as stupid if not even worse. And I also recommend either downloading or using a developed save so you have enough money to cover any expenses you might get due to idiots on ...
by Arexander
02 May 2016 07:34
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: Fix The "Keep Me Logged In" On Forum!
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Re: Fix The "Keep Me Logged In" On Forum!

The only time I'm usually logged out by the site is when I haven't logged in for a long while.
by Arexander
28 Apr 2016 13:30
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: VTC
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I'm driving for Stobart Trucking VTC and our job submission supports ProMods and a couple other map mods as well. We also have regular, although unannounced, convoys almost every day on the multiplayer servers on both ETS2 and ATS. The easiest way to get in with us is to sign up at our website and j...
by Arexander
23 Apr 2016 21:16
Forum: Suomi
Topic: Suomalaiset radiokanavat
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Re: Suomalaiset radiokanavat

On muuten eri osoite kuin mitä laitoit, MrSims. Mutta kiitos kuitenkin, sieltä näytti löytyvän.
by Arexander
22 Apr 2016 07:27
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: Funny city names
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Re: Funny city names

I'm surprised no-one has mentioned Varkaus (Robbery) or Kolari (Car accident)
by Arexander
16 Apr 2016 17:33
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: best truck in the ets2
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Re: best truck in the ets2

My favorite ones are the older Volvo model and Renault Premium, Premium for its feel and Volvo for its looks and sounds. When I feel like challenging myself, I grab an Iveco with the lowest, 310hp, engine and get as heavy a load as I possibly can.