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by Driessche
14 Mar 2019 21:25
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: map bugs "black holes"
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Re: map bugs "black holes"

I wanne put my game.log but when i copy i get the notice : youve been blocked
by Driessche
14 Mar 2019 20:20
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: map bugs "black holes"
Replies: 5
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map bugs "black holes"

hi ,

I have noticing map problems with black holes behind tankstations , when i drive into it , it like i fall down ...
i combine several map mod , so maybe thats the issue idk ... I only have it on promods map
anyone have an idea?
by Driessche
12 Feb 2019 21:22
Forum: Map mods
Topic: yks turkey def edit
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Re: yks turkey def edit

Tried it like they said in the roextended help page ... when i drive in poland he crash every time ... so now i play promods + rusmap + southern region + the little Africa map + Sardinië + the great steppe and the swedish islands add on Yks Turkey with poland rebuild and roextended i have to discard...
by Driessche
08 Feb 2019 14:46
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: SCS Blog
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Re: SCS Blog

When i come home i put steam on incompatible map 1.33 for promods rusmap yks turkey roextended southern region... hope it will be the same like it was ... :/
by Driessche
04 Feb 2019 21:19
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Update to
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Update to

Hi, do we expect any problems with our known mods like promods rusmap southern region africamap steppe sicilia... after this new update

Sorry if i put this wrong..

by Driessche
03 Feb 2019 18:07
Forum: Map mods
Topic: [REL] Southern Region Map 7.9.0 [1.35.x] [UPD 2019-07-17]
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Re: [REL] Southern Region Map 7.8.0 [1.33.x] [UPD 27.01.19]

Can someone please help me... Rusmap , Promod , Steppe , Africa map , Sardinia all is working perfectly ... SOUTHER REGION is a problem: i can play SR but having problems when i reach the city 3hem from route e115 to a146 my game crashes every time at the same spot , tried another road ended up with...
by Driessche
07 Jan 2019 19:21
Forum: Map mods
Topic: [REL] RusMap 1.8.1 [1.31.x]
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Re: [REL] RusMap 1.8.1 [1.31.x]

Is this map compatible with latest promod in game version 1.33 ? My game close himselve i did every step . Also def map of both