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by Papaya
26 Feb 2019 23:52
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: [Central] Free download questions
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I have an issue downloading Promods

It won't allow me to download promods at all. It says that I should turn AdBlock off and thats it. Point is, I don't have adblock installed at all. I feel like ads allow people to make money, so why not waste 10 seconds of my life drinking water while they can make money and we are all happy. Anyway...
by Papaya
24 Feb 2019 17:23
Forum: Map mods
Topic: (WIP)Bosnia map addon
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Re: (WIP)Bosnia map addon

Could you add Semberija, Bijeljina part as well? You can google some reference image, its a pretty small place, but would love to see it done! Good luck!!!