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by freddele68
08 Jun 2019 13:33
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Topic: Game update 1.35
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Re: Game update 1.35

Hello Especially that the job is going to be huge for the teams with the many decisions for Germany on what is to remove, to add or to connect. This time it is not a single road but a good ten and I think the word is weak. I wish the team good luck in the meantime, Steam is in offline mode and I pla...
by freddele68
21 Feb 2019 13:48
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: [Central] Free download questions
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Re: Sorry! Access Denied, Connection limit exceeded!

Hello community promods. I have trouble understanding the new download operation, even reading the FAQ I am on mozilla browser, yesterday I download part of Promod 2.33. Today I wanted to download a new part but I'm already blocking with the message "Sorry! Access Denied ... I only download the firs...
by freddele68
28 Nov 2018 23:08
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: ETS2 1.33
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Re: ETS2 1.33


If I summarize well because I mix the brush ??
ETS 1.33+ Promods 2.32 but not compatible with Baltic DLC?
I am right?

thank you in advance for your response

by freddele68
09 Dec 2017 13:44
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: Problem with cargo "Queen Yacht"
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Problem with cargo "Queen Yacht"

Hello everybody

Yesterday I had a problem delivering a shipment of patch 1.30, the Yacht.
I left Messina to go to Karlkronna.

There is a problem with the bridges in Leipzig, they are too low and you get stuck under the mountain

Have a nice week end

by freddele68
14 Feb 2016 15:50
Forum: Development updates and Q&A
Topic: Development on version 2.x (France edition)
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Re: Development on version 2.x (France edition)

Back to Perpignan, because I must to finish this city to open the road to Spain. I have a lot of works to completed this place, but I can already show to you the center of city. In real this axe is more larger (2x2 ways) but I hope people will understand for technical/mapping reasons I couldn't to ...
by freddele68
08 Oct 2014 08:55
Forum: Development updates and Q&A
Topic: Development on version 1.x (France edition)
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Re: Development on version 1.x (France edition)

Bonjour Felicitation pour cette avancé sur le centre de la France, et continuer ainsi. J'espere que vous representerez bien Clermont pour un auvergnat comme moi avec les autoroutes A71 vers paris, A89 vers Bordeaux et Lyon, l'A75 vers le Sud, la N1089 de Bordeaux à Clermont Ferrand, le tout vue par ...