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by Backbuster
26 Aug 2019 14:49
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Topic: Where are you living?
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Re: Where are you living?

I live in New Jersey. I'm not local. I'm from Germany myself. I moved here at the age of 14. It was very difficult. I had to get used to English. And what is the most difficult it seemed to me that the essay to write is practically impossible. I got bad grades. So I would sometimes cheat and hire va...
by Backbuster
26 Aug 2019 14:46
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Topic: PC Specs for ETS2?
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Re: PC Specs for ETS2?

I think 700 bucks would be enough for this PC. Such a PC will even be able to run other new games.
PC: Ryzen 5 1400+NVIDIA GTX 1050
the rest is to your taste. RAM is enough about 8 gigabytes
by Backbuster
26 Aug 2019 13:00
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Topic: Ping in online games
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Re: Ping in online games

my ping is about 50~60 in ETS 2 MP
by Backbuster
26 Aug 2019 12:57
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Topic: college
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Re: college

I hate writing homework, too. But unfortunately nothing can be done