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by charlessabuero
28 Sep 2019 12:09
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Topic: SCS Blog
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Re: SCS Blog

Screens and video is nice. However could someone explain me why there was such a hype and why people were waiting for that truck that much :)? I am with ETS2/ATS since July so is there anything special in this truck comparing to others? Or is this jus the best truck from Renault, and some people ar...
by charlessabuero
28 Sep 2019 12:02
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Topic: so whats promods all about
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Re: so whats promods all about

surely, you won't regret.

That's a promise :)
by charlessabuero
25 Aug 2019 03:02
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Topic: Macedonia Rework v1.2.1 for ProMods v2.41
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Re: Macedonia Rework v1.1 for ProMods v2.41

Is it compatible with Roextended as well?
by charlessabuero
24 Aug 2019 15:26
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Topic: [REL] IL-RL Open border V1.1
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Re: [REL] IL-RL Open border V1.1

Make this mod higher priority than Middle East addon.
by charlessabuero
03 Aug 2019 11:09
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Topic: Realistic Cities - Promods Addon
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Re: Realistic Cities - Promods Addon

Good luck with your project!
ProMods Team needs to see this hehe
by charlessabuero
03 Aug 2019 11:06
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Topic: EAA 5.1 + Promods 2.41 fix v0.15 [1.35]
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Re: EAA 5.1 + Promods 2.41 fix v0.15 [1.35]

Magnum440 wrote:
31 Jul 2019 09:40
Hi guys, anyone know why my drivers doesnt find any job? and this hapend just after i start play eaa and promods together. My acount is keep going empty...
Weird, I don't have this issue at all...

Do you use Economy Mods?
by charlessabuero
30 Jul 2019 13:27
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Topic: Russian Open Spaces v6.0 [1.31]
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Re: Russian Open Spaces v6.0 [1.31]

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