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by BebeMischa
02 Nov 2019 09:21
Forum: Čeština/Slovenčina
Topic: Chyba trajektu :(
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Re: Chyba trajektu :(

Promods neni kompatibilni s World of trucks. Pokud chces jezdit na mape Promods, ber naklady z bezneho trhu ;-)
by BebeMischa
29 Oct 2019 10:49
Forum: Nederlands
Topic: Promomods corrupt
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Re: Promomods corrupt

je moet eerst alle bestanden downloaden en in de zelfde map plaatsen. Dan pas kan je het openen.
by BebeMischa
06 Oct 2019 17:35
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: What car you have & what you've driven in the past?
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Re: What car you have & what you've driven in the past?

So true, Uniban... I had the Skoda Octavia mk.1, with the 1.8 20V petrol engine without turbo, build 1998 and sold it 2 years ago for real money. Whole 500 euro. Because even with its 348 000 km on the counter it's engine behave's like new en there stil was not any rust problem... :-)
by BebeMischa
21 Sep 2019 19:26
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Topic: How many hours? me: 700
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Re: How many hours? me: 700

1139 hours and stil on the road. The game is getting better and better... :-D
by BebeMischa
11 Sep 2019 16:56
Forum: Čeština/Slovenčina
Topic: Padající FPS
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Re: Padající FPS

I ja mohu potvrdit, ze hraju s nekolika mody (promods, nekolik Jazzycat's, Scania RJL, Sound fixes atd...) a v DX11 a zatim nemam problemy. Grafika jede velmi slusne a hra nepada. Jen je nutne mit od vsech modu cerstvou verzi...
by BebeMischa
12 Jul 2019 21:22
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Compatible with the DT traffic mod?
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Re: Compatible with the DT traffic mod?

If you read the discussion on steam, you will find out, that the auteur did stop updating this mod by ETS version 1.32 a is not going to continue. I've used this for a long time and it worked very good. But still not had the time to test it with 1.35.
by BebeMischa
10 Jul 2019 23:57
Forum: AI mods
Topic: [DISCUSSION] Jazzycat mods
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Re: [DISCUSSION] Jazzycat mods

As we say in Holland, there always will be a boss above a boss :-)
by BebeMischa
21 Jun 2019 13:56
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Game update 1.35
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Re: Game update 1.35

there is such a function in Steam. Easily to find also.
by BebeMischa
19 Jun 2019 23:51
Forum: Nederlands
Topic: Update 1.35
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Re: Update 1.35

Als het klaar is... :-P