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by zyprexia
19 Sep 2018 16:09
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Paypal Hate!
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Re: Paypal Hate!

Addons such as Ghostery and ad blockers often cause trouble with payment gateways. These addons don't work in Incognito modus, so usually things that don't work with the 'normal' browser, often do work in Igcognito modus. Side note: I have the same issue with the NFL gamepass website. Even I have wh...
by zyprexia
30 May 2018 16:21
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Topic: I am new
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Re: I am new

If you think waiting is boooooring, you might want to give the paid link a change..
It's just one (big) download and usually I can download the release with my full 21MB/s bandwidth (200 mbps)..
by zyprexia
22 May 2018 14:25
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Bought 2.27 map
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Re: Bought 2.27 map

Can I specify somewhere what my PayPal address (is different from my PM email address) is in order to get the donation star system working? I always use the paid download links because in general it is faster, simple and is priced very reasonable.. I create an email address alias for each site where...
by zyprexia
15 May 2018 13:30
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Topic: paying
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Re: paying

You can even setup PayPal for 'Automatisch Incasso'. They deposit two tiny amounts (only a few cents) on your bankaccount and you have have to specify the amounts for validation. There after, you can use incasso for all future payments. Saves you the hassle of uploading you're PayPal credit..
by zyprexia
15 May 2018 13:21
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Compatibility with new update 1.31
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Re: Compatibility with new update 1.31

So, revert back to ETS 1.30!
Just choose 'Temportary_1.30' in de beta list..

I only wish there was a posibility to install multiple versions of ETS2 side by side, so I could have 1.30 for PM and 1.31 for TruckersMP..
by zyprexia
25 Jan 2018 20:30
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Saved game from previous version of ETS2
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Re: Saved game from previous version of ETS2

To play it safe, it is wise to make a backup of the profile before you try start loading it. If you don't know which profile folder is the one you want to load, downgrade to 1.19, start ets2 and load the profile, once loaded, quit ets2. The most recent folder in your ets2/profiles folder is the one ...
by zyprexia
15 Jan 2018 13:07
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: AdFly opens malware
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Re: AdFly opens malware

ProMods has a release about every 3 months or so..
If you save about 35 cents each month, you can use the paid link. So much easier.. 1 zip file, no ads, no malware, no virusses..
by zyprexia
05 Jan 2018 15:42
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Remote Company in Kirkenes
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Re: Remote Company in Kirkenes

Still, I would love to see more companies that are harder to reach. When you download the mod, you also have to generate the def file. Maybe an option can be added that include some more challenges? Users that just want to race their truck won't enable that option and have just the regular companies...
by zyprexia
05 Jan 2018 15:34
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Topic: [Central] Free download questions
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Re: Access Denied

One could of course also spend one dollar and use the paid server..
by zyprexia
20 Aug 2017 10:31
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Topic: 2.18 & doubles
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Re: 2.18 & doubles

Well I drove a double from Felistowe to somewhere in Denmark! How do you reverse the bloody things??? Very slowly. I am serious here. You need to slowly reverse (I've created a special reverse gear for my custom transmission that I copied over from ATS, where R1 has a ratio of 20.5) and make very s...