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by Darkfizch
11 Feb 2018 15:00
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Does not work on mac
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Re: Does not work on mac

Please show us a screenshot with the seven file sizes listed. Maybe they didn't download correctly.
by Darkfizch
10 Feb 2018 12:22
Forum: Non-ProMods problems
Topic: Kirkenes port strange crash
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Re: Kirkenes port strange crash

I'm seeing a lot of errors regarding vehicles... Not sure what could have caused the steering lock, but try disabling some traffic mods as they might be colliding.
by Darkfizch
09 Feb 2018 14:16
Forum: Map mods
Topic: [Thread closed] [WIP] Tregion
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Re: [W.I.P] Tregion

So I take it your team is also focusing on a mapping project in the US and in Australia? That's insane! Very excited to see how all this will turn out.
by Darkfizch
06 Feb 2018 22:46
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: Help with Translation
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Re: Help with Translation

Nederlands - English (Nederlands = Dutch) Klik voor meer opties - Click for More Options Vind vluchten op naam van luchthaven - Find Flights by Airport Name Vind vluchten op ID van luchthaven - Find Flights by Airport ID Vind vluchten op naam van vliegmaatschappij - Find Flights by Airline Name Slu...
by Darkfizch
04 Feb 2018 17:04
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: Game Freezes With PM 2.25 and RM 1.8
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Re: Game Freezes With PM 2.25 and RM 1.8

To be fair, there's a stickied topic at the top of this sub-forum, tagged [IMPORTANT]. The only way to actually stop people reporting this here would involve big loud popups with flashing red text or something like that.
by Darkfizch
02 Feb 2018 13:29
Forum: Map mods
Topic: [REL] RusMap 2.0 [1.36.x]
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Re: RusMap v1.8 (1.30.x)

Looks like a pirated version to me... Has all DLC, plus using the Steam version even though the game directory is found elsewere. 00:00:00.000 : [sys] Command line: C:\Program Files (x86)\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x86\eurotrucks2.exe 00:00:04.076 : Euro Truck Simulator 2 init ver. (rev...
by Darkfizch
01 Feb 2018 13:11
Forum: Non-ProMods problems
Topic: Is there any way to turn off those guys??
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Re: Is there any way to turn off those guys??

I've been using Promods together with Jazzycat's AI traffic mods for a long time now and never ran into this problem. It's definitely another mod such as traffic density.
by Darkfizch
29 Jan 2018 13:21
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: Poor performance on high end PC
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Re: Poor performance on high end PC

I highly doubt your setup is the issue. I run the game with a GTX 750 ti and even I get 60 fps pretty much anywhere. Have you tried messing with the scaling? I have it set to 150% currently, but you might try setting it to 100% if you haven't already.
by Darkfizch
28 Jan 2018 16:35
Forum: Map mods
Topic: promods + southern region + rus map
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Re: promods + southern region + rus map

If all your DLC was legitimately purchased (which I kind of doubt) then you can enable them on Steam with the authentification codes that should have come with it. I did the same when I bought the game and later Going East at separate retailers and then enabled both the game and DLC on Steam.