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by RVirma
25 Oct 2017 08:32
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Topic: Steering wheels
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Re: Steering wheels

I have the g29 with shifter and it's really cool. The only problem is that the ffb in some areas is a bit buggy.
by RVirma
24 Oct 2017 22:22
Forum: ATS Questions & Feedback
Topic: Help Please (Map Mod)
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Re: Help Please (Map Mod)

I'm driving on the I think it was called Viva Mexiko map, very nice and detailed big map of Mexiko.
by RVirma
21 Oct 2017 10:53
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Topic: Best Wheels
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Re: Best Wheels

I've bought an only about 10 times used g29 with shifter for about 200€ half a year ago and it is a really good wheel. There are only some little bugs with the ffb.
by RVirma
15 Oct 2017 06:39
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@ETS2-User isn't there an secret option in the config file for an automatic clutch?
by RVirma
14 Oct 2017 22:53
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Topic: [schon gemeldet 8715] Kostenlose Mautstelle
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Re: Kostenlose Mautstelle

Ist doch von Vorteil :mrgreen:
by RVirma
12 Oct 2017 05:38
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Topic: Fuel Capacity???
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Re: Fuel Capacity???

Then you pack the modified files as a new mod and don't save them as base
by RVirma
10 Oct 2017 10:04
Forum: ProMods Academy
Topic: Choosing roads
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Re: Choosing roads

Choose a bigger road
by RVirma
03 Oct 2017 18:21
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Topic: SSD Festplatte Ladezeiten ETS2 mit Mods und Performance
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Re: SSD Festplatte Ladezeiten ETS2 mit Mods und Performance

Also bei mir lädt ETS2 mit ProMods ca eine Minute mit einer Samsung 850 Pro 500 GB. Mit den anderen Mails aus deiner Signatur sind es so ca 2 Minuten.
by RVirma
23 Sep 2017 07:35
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Topic: Possible to work on ProMods
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Re: Possible to work on ProMods

Do you have only PM in your mod folder?
by RVirma
18 Sep 2017 22:08
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Topic: Google Maps Navigation for ProMods v2.2 [Update 23.10.2019]
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Re: Google Maps Navigation

Looks nice, I'll give it a try tomorrow