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by harm27
09 Sep 2017 19:57
Forum: Non-ProMods problems
Topic: Mods for 2.20 and RusMap 1.74
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Re: Mods for 2.20 and RusMap 1.74

You can't use mods in combination with ETS2 MP (TruckersMP), especially map mods.
by harm27
09 Sep 2017 10:55
Forum: Nederlands
Topic: Probleem met installeren Promods
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Re: Probleem met installeren Promods

En de juiste game versie?
Mochten die wel kloppen, kun je dan je game.log delen, dan kan iemand ernaar kijken wat er mogelijk fout gaat.
by harm27
05 Sep 2017 19:23
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: Trouble with download
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Re: Trouble with download

Of cours it blocks you when you use a download accelerator. They(Promods) limit the max download speed so that everyone that want to use the free download option, can use it without there ISP's getting angry about network usage. So everyone that uses the free download option need to accept the slowe...
by harm27
04 Sep 2017 11:02
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: Where are you living?
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Re: Where are you living?

Duiven (That ikea on the map in Arnhem, is officially in Duiven), near Arnhem. Province of Gelderland, Netherlands
by harm27
30 Aug 2017 20:13
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: ProMods Client.exe
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Re: ProMods Client.exe

That would mean that someone from Promods, probably @michaelmurfy, needs to code that. TruckersMP already need to code things, so the launcher can be code by the same developers. Promods is a map mod, and that doesn't mean that the map developers also can code the launcher. And then they also need t...
by harm27
30 Aug 2017 14:18
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: [Central] Paid download questions
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Re: Will The Paid Download be just for this version or all future?

You don't pay for the mod, you pay to get the almost unlimited download speed to download it in one part.
by harm27
19 Aug 2017 22:18
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: 2.18 Near Arnheim traffic issue?
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Re: 2.18 Near Arnheim traffic issue?

Indeed, i see it a lot on the Dutch roads. Like @Almighty said, it is called "Spitsstrook" in Dutch. They mostly use it as an upgrade for two lane road when there is a lot of traffic. It is a way between upgrading that road from a two lane road to a three lane road. Since that would require more spa...
by harm27
19 Aug 2017 22:13
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Flares
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Re: Flares

Now the fun of finding what setting in Promods is causing it.
by harm27
19 Aug 2017 22:11
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: ProMods CAP 1.03 question.
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Re: ProMods CAP 1.03 question.

Do you have the ETS2 Cabin Accessories DLC? That is required for that mod.
The game gives an incompatibilty error if it is not meant for a game version or if your missing a DLC that is required for that mod.
by harm27
19 Aug 2017 22:09
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: 2.18 & doubles
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Re: 2.18 & doubles

Doubles aren't meant to be reversed in this game.
Not sure how they would do that in IRL.