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by kyberorg
17 Apr 2017 23:13
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: [2.16] AI Police crossing state border
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[2.16] AI Police crossing state border

I was crossing Russian-Estonian border and was fun to see Estonian police car crossing border from Narva to Russian Ivangorod.

Suppose that those police car and military related cars (like Kaitseliit cars) are not allowed to cross border.
by kyberorg
17 Apr 2017 23:07
Forum: Fixed bugs
Topic: [Fixed] [2.16] E4, Stockholm, prefab with no collision
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[2.16] Truck does under highway in Sweden + workaround

I had a delivery from Tallinn (EST) to Stavanger (N) and ride via Finland and Sweden. Everything was okay, but I caught one bug in Sweden. Steps to reproduce this bug: 1) go by ferry from Turku to Tukholma (Stockholm) 2) escape from port in Sweden via E18 3) in tunnel in intersection between E20 and...
by kyberorg
17 Apr 2017 22:51
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: I have been playing ETS2 wrong
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Re: I have been playing ETS2 wrong

I also want to thank developers for this Mod. Well, ProMods isn't mod - it's game!
For every release I download payed version, because it's definitely worth paying for.

Just yesterday I had trip from St.Peterburg to Tallinn it real life and today I drove it in ETS. Awesome detalization.
by kyberorg
10 Sep 2016 18:34
Forum: Fixed bugs
Topic: [Fixed] [#5241] [2.10] Jyvaskyla, road sign typo
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[Fixed] [#5241] [2.10] Jyvaskyla, road sign typo

In Jyvaskyla there is typo on road sign: instead of "Lahti" we have "Lathi".

Screenshot: Image
by kyberorg
09 Sep 2016 19:55
Forum: Map mods
Topic: [REL] RusMap 2.1 [1.37.x]
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Re: RusMap v1.6.3 (1.23.x)

I noticed that RusMap v 1.6.3 overrides Narva, which was re-built in ProMods 2.10. So I no longer have garage in Narva after installing RusMap 1.6.3 on existing ProMods 2.10.
by kyberorg
07 Sep 2016 17:55
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: How to downgrade ETS2 via Steam?
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Re: How to downgrade ETS2 via Steam?

hefe, danke schon.

Used your workaround as well after steam updated to 1.25.