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by basicbh1
24 Dec 2018 11:06
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Topic: Need help with Ets2 map editor not loading (black screen)
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Need help with Ets2 map editor not loading (black screen)

Hi This is my first time map editing after a while, I tried opening the editor but it never loads. Its just a black screen resulting in me having to shut down ETS2 or restart my pc completely. If anyone can help that would be great, it was working the day before then over night its doing this. Any h...
by basicbh1
09 Dec 2018 19:16
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Topic: Ideas for Promods!
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Re: Ideas for Promods!

Bosnia would be nice, Sarajevo and Mostar would be cool to see in Promods. Plus the road between these 2 cities offers such breathtaking scenery which would be awesome in Promods :)
by basicbh1
30 Mar 2017 22:18
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Topic: [TUTORIAL] A tutorial creating map (1.8.2)
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Re: [TUTORIAL] A tutorial creating map (1.8.2)

So I started making a map and I have a two laned highway and I want to add some exits and ramps going off to other roads. I already have the prefabs and the style of interchange I want. The problem is that I can't connect them, the red dots with green and can't figure out a solution. If someone can ...