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by metpei
22 Jan 2017 16:55
Forum: Non-ProMods problems
Topic: Trailer in drop-off space
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Re: Trailer in drop-off space

I had this too, France dlc change delivery spot and ti's only one Company, so you can void it easily if you want. PM team didn't notice(?) it when they hurry up with 2.15 and thanks to truckers god they did.
by metpei
22 Jan 2017 00:42
Forum: Non-ProMods problems
Topic: Steam updates destroys fps
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Re: Steam updates destroys fps

Problem solved by removing local content in steam and deleting all in docs\ETS2\ (did take profiles & mod folders to safe). Then let steam to download all 2,2GB, then put game graphics medium-high, scaling 150%, drove Duisburg to Dortmund fps 47-53, around Oberhausen was 36-38 for a while. Nice with...
by metpei
21 Jan 2017 21:32
Forum: Non-ProMods problems
Topic: Steam updates destroys fps
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Steam updates destroys fps

Hi, I'm losing my mind. Update dropped my fps and last 1.26.4 get really bad fps hit. First time log in game 1.26.4, got all France garage location errors, so I immedately exit game and made new profile. I remove all mods even in mod folder and start vanilla Volvo FH in Osnabruck, then drov...
by metpei
20 Jan 2017 13:32
Forum: Misc. mods
Topic: Headlights too bright
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Re: Headlights too bright

Sounds like your monitor needs to calibrate. I moved game brightness little bit left and sometimes low beam feels too dark. You can try Grimes Frosty 6.2 (I think Winter mod is more to multiplayer) or Satan19990 Complete Winter mod, base mod is 3.0, but you need patch 3.02 to top all. http://forum.s...
by metpei
05 Jan 2017 15:56
Forum: Map mods
Topic: [REL] RusMap 2.1 [1.37.x]
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Re: RusMap v1.7.1 (1.26.x)

I got always errors when used winrar then I install 7zip and it works fine.
by metpei
05 Jan 2017 15:46
Forum: Non-ProMods problems
Topic: EEP crash
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Re: ETS2 crash

Hi, I didn't see them in right order, so I made this. Are you sure that when you made Promods def-file with RusMap button checked?! And ProMods 2.15 need DLC France, so install that too again. Project Balkans 2.21 Def 1,555 Kb Promods Def v215 699 Kb NOTE! Project Balkans 2.21 Map 15,501 Kb Project ...
by metpei
05 Jan 2017 14:52
Forum: Not a bug
Topic: World of Trucks christmas deliver problem
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Re: World of Trucks christmas deliver problem

World of trucks uses scs map, ProMods map adds more companies/roads/ferrys so it won't work. To get achivement, make new profile without ProMods and make deliveries there. If you temporarily take ProMods off and later add it back on, you lose all your map exploring (0%) Edit: if that sounds too much...
by metpei
30 Dec 2016 00:30
Forum: Suomi
Topic: Milloin ajetaan teli ylhäällä/alhaalla?
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Re: Milloin ajetaan teli ylhäällä/alhaalla?

Kiitos Rocket455Man, on kiinnostanut kärryjen painot, mutta olen ollut liian laiska guuglettamaan.. :D
by metpei
25 Dec 2016 22:11
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: In Witch Order do the Files go In mod manager ?
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Re: In Witch Order do the Files go In mod manager ?

The linnk is different that what i have I have trailer standered and trailer def company stander-ed and company def and 2 more files the link and the files i have are a little different Trailer and company pack readme warning: THIS MOD COMES AS: A) A STAND-ALONE VERSION (ADDING NEW TRAILERS TO THE ...
by metpei
14 Dec 2016 13:04
Forum: Misc. mods
Topic: Winter Mod
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Re: Winter Mod

Complete Winter Mod (CWM) by Satan19990 have physics too, mild and heavy versions. It's not 100% realism, but real physics is difficult to get in this great game