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by Jan Verschueren
21 Mar 2016 20:14
Forum: Fixed bugs
Topic: [Fixed] [2.00] Andorra La Vella, trees in road
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Re: Trees in highway

Indeed, fixed in v2.01.
by Jan Verschueren
20 Mar 2016 23:12
Forum: Fixed bugs
Topic: [Fixed] [#3837] [2.01] Krosno, terrain gap
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Re: [#3837][2.01] Krosno Gap

Confirmed and logged, even though I think there may not be a lot Radol can do about it. :? I agree there are optimisation issues in Poland (even more so in Rusmap), but maybe through closer collaboration with ProMods we can see improvements in future versions. Edit: try capping your framerate. That ...
by Jan Verschueren
15 Mar 2016 21:02
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: Might as well ask here as well...
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Might as well ask here as well...

I'm scrapping my G25. The little loom which connects the buttons on the wheel to the mainboard has developed it's 2nd fault (repaired the first one w/ a bypass lead). Seeing as I can neither source wire fine enough, nor the right connectors to build a replacement, I've bought a replacement G920. The...
by Jan Verschueren
04 Mar 2016 15:28
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: News in Canada
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Re: News in Canada

Odd post. Going somewhere with this?

My finger is hovering over the delete user button... :twisted:
by Jan Verschueren
02 Mar 2016 16:14
Forum: Fixed bugs
Topic: [Fixed] [#3713] [2.01] Wrong sign - A20 (Lübeck-Süd)
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Re: Wrong sign - A20 (Lübeck-Süd)

Coördinates would be nice, but I'll see if I can find it after work.

Edit: Zniwek beat me to it. Edited post title to include bug tracking number (which makes the post easy to find for devs and moderators).
by Jan Verschueren
02 Mar 2016 15:44
Forum: Not a bug
Topic: Promods 2.0 disappearing cargo
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Re: Promods 2.0 disappearing cargo

So far we've only encountered this problem with pirated copies of the game.

If you bought the game/DLC, post your game.log and we'll see if we can find a mod conflict or somesuch.
by Jan Verschueren
23 Feb 2016 17:14
Forum: Map mods
Topic: [REL] RusMap 2.1 [1.37.x]
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Re: RusMap v1.6.1 (1.22.x)

Volley should have said you don't need to open them seperately. Just open the .001 file with a recent decompression program like WinZip, WinRAR or 7Zip and the parts will re-combine automatically to allow you to unzip the .scs files.
by Jan Verschueren
23 Feb 2016 15:05
Forum: Fixed bugs
Topic: [Fixed] [#3599][2.01] East of Narva - AI stops
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Re: [#3599][2.01] East of Narva - AI stops

This is currently part of RusMap.
by Jan Verschueren
20 Feb 2016 13:18
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Mods missing when updated to 2.01?
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Re: Mods missing when updated to 2.01?

Indeed, the game complains about not finding the 2.00 assets, but those are also present in the 2.01 files, obviously, so your savegame should load fine. It's safe to ignore those warnings and load the save anyway.