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by Herdox
28 Mar 2015 18:47
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: Crash and Graphics Bug in Tunnel
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Re: Crash and Graphics Bug in Tunnel

Did you try reinstalling whole game?
If not try uninstall game and delete all files in documents.
by Herdox
28 Mar 2015 17:51
Forum: Fixed bugs
Topic: [Fixed] [#1583] [1.91] Rostock, AI not moving
Replies: 5
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Re: Trafic jam near Rostock

I also encounter this problem near rosrock. It's a juction on a highway 19 where player need to drive to rostock. (North-end on the Highway).
Problem is on map v. 1.91 - picture about the problem

EDIT: Problem is there even without mods.
by Herdox
28 Mar 2015 11:05
Forum: Development updates and Q&A
Topic: Development on version 2.x (Trailer and Company Pack)
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Re: Development on official ProMods Cargo Pack

I think that for EuroAcres can be used Sano as it is in ProMods.
by Herdox
26 Mar 2015 17:52
Forum: Fixed bugs
Topic: [Fixed] [1.90] Iceland, missing petrol station prices
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[Fixed] [1.90] Iceland, missing petrol station prices Photo of bug

This bug is in iceland. The gas station is the second one driving from tunnel (winter/spring) to the ferry port.
by Herdox
28 Jan 2015 10:50
Forum: Polski
Topic: Kamera w zleceniach i na mapie głównej
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Kamera w zleceniach i na mapie głównej

w Euro Truck Simulator 2 gram na mapie Promods i Rusmap i mam problem w oknie zleceń i na mapie. Problem polega na tym, że Promods i reszta Europy jest objęta w zasięgu ruchu kamery, ale nie jestem w stanie dojechać nad Rusmap. Za wszelką pomoc dziękuję.

by Herdox
25 Jan 2015 13:39
Forum: Fixed bugs
Topic: [Fixed] [#513] [1.81] Modena, company prefab too high
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Service in Modena

ImageService in Modena is too high and player can't enter there. Service need to be lower.