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by Abdurrezzak3500
15 Feb 2018 19:02
Forum: Development updates and Q&A
Topic: Development on version 2.x (Cyprus Edition)
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Re: Development on version 2.x (Eastern Mediterranean)

I have a question! Are you going to do Northern part because its at the conflict. Both Cypriots and Turks claim the land so I am just interested. :!:
by Abdurrezzak3500
27 Jan 2018 21:52
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: laptop msi
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Re: laptop msi

Obviously I can run at 1080p High settings within gt940mx !
by Abdurrezzak3500
21 Jan 2018 17:03
Forum: Non-ProMods problems
Topic: [Fixed] [2.25] RusMap+ProMods, Porvoo road closed
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Re: [2.25] Porvoo - exit ramp blocked

You can use 0 camera for instant solution!
by Abdurrezzak3500
15 Jan 2018 16:42
Forum: Map mods
Topic: Great Steppe and Russian Open Spaces
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Great Steppe and Russian Open Spaces

Guys I want ask you some thing. Will Great Steppe and Russian Open Spaces will work in each other? If it can so can you give me the load order (Project Balkans, RusMap, Promods) please