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by Abdurrezzak3500
22 Jul 2018 21:23
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Trailer Crashes on Slovenian-Croatian Border
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Trailer Crashes on Slovenian-Croatian Border

Trailer Crash on Slovenian-Croatian Border ;

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[22/07/2018 22:42] (sec+0004+0006);19181.2;40.9339;26197.9;-3.14039;-0.28
by Abdurrezzak3500
22 Jul 2018 19:21
Forum: Türkçe
Topic: Paypal ödeme
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Re: Paypal ödeme

Herhangi bir yasal yolu yok. Eğer benim başka ülkeden kredi kartım var diyorsan o zaman BAŞKA bir ülkeden PayPal hesabı açarsın. Birçok kişi Azerbaycan'dan hesabını açıyor yalnız geçerli bir adres bulmak biraz zor olabilir.
by Abdurrezzak3500
22 Jul 2018 10:12
Forum: Misc. mods
Topic: Accessory addon
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Re: Accessory addon

Cabin Acc. DLC, SISL Mega Pack and ProMods Cabin Acc. are awsome! I'd highly recommend you to use all of them. If you want something for Scania then you should check Mighty Graffin DLC.
by Abdurrezzak3500
21 Jul 2018 18:25
Forum: Share the love
Topic: SoDaR (SD) Photos
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Re: SoDaR (SD) Photos

It is simple. Connect your profile to World of Trucks account (if you don't have any just create a new one -it also gives free dlc-). Then go to WoT website -> Profile Customizatons -> ETS2 Custom Licence Plates(Bad thing is it ONLY supports vanilla game countries.

There you go :D
by Abdurrezzak3500
20 Jul 2018 19:40
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Differences Between Beta Testers
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Differences Between Beta Testers

What are the differences between Senior Testers and Junior Testers? (Except for a single word :lol: )
by Abdurrezzak3500
20 Jul 2018 19:30
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: Ideas for Promods!
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Re: Ideas for Promods!

Will this mod continue after 100 years? Will it die like us or will be gift for our grandchildren? Or will they get the mods? Let it alive for long time! (And don't let others sign Versailles againstus)
by Abdurrezzak3500
20 Jul 2018 19:14
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: Mod trailers not showing up
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Re: Mod trailers not showing up

Try to reset the economy. Sometimes things like that can happen. If it doesn't work then do these: 1- Check a stock SCS cities Freight Market. If it shows down there then install ProMods compatibility addon which are on the Steam Workshop. (Most likely) 2-If you have another trailer mod that replace...
by Abdurrezzak3500
20 Jul 2018 14:06
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: How to edit my profile name?
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Re: How to edit my profile name?

Here is a video for that:
by Abdurrezzak3500
20 Jul 2018 08:30
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Sever is down?
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Re: Sever is down?

Let it download and when it finished download the second. Sometimes ProMods servers can give you ability to install all of them at once or downloading every part once. Also disable Internet Download Manager and your anti viruses/firewalls ( if you do have )
by Abdurrezzak3500
14 Jul 2018 08:44
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: European road sign doccumentation
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Re: European road sign doccumentation