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by liano
30 Dec 2018 21:40
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Removal of cyrillic names in 2.32
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Re: Removal of cyrillic names in 2.32

It has to do with 1.33 SCS update that uses your local language to every city in the game.

EDIT: That!
by liano
30 Dec 2018 00:46
Forum: Non-ProMods problems
Topic: Game crashes when loding a new quick job
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Re: Game crashes when loding a new quick job

It's normal when it's a work for free and real life is a priority. But, voilà, you've got a response
by liano
24 Dec 2018 16:07
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: new version ets 2
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Re: new version ets 2

Where is said that the game will not load? The game will launch, but promods replaces all the baltic sectors so the thing is that with promods you won't see (for now) the new baltic DLC. But the game should go on like a glove.
by liano
23 Dec 2018 19:40
Forum: ATS Questions & Feedback
Topic: State of Washington DLC
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Re: State of Washington DLC

California may include Baja California and California del Sur, both in Mexico part. Washington never was a part of California (I guess other US states were sometime).
by liano
23 Dec 2018 17:30
Forum: Development updates and Q&A
Topic: Development on version 2.x (Iberian Peninsula Project)
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Re: Development on version 2.x (Iberian Peninsula Project)

It's a matter of reality. If there are IRL euro trucks in Africa doing deliveries, I think there should be in the game. If not, it doesn't make sense. However I think there should be add-ons adding those territories for those who want them like there are already Afromap, Middle East map, Great Stepp...
by liano
22 Dec 2018 13:39
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: Promods problem
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Re: Promods problem

The problem for now is that we don't see a full gamelog. Without it we can't help.
by liano
22 Dec 2018 13:36
Forum: Non-ProMods problems
Topic: Cant Load The Game
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Re: Cant Load The Game

Did you tried to load the game only with promods enabled? Do it and tell what happens. Maybe there is something in some other mod that comes with this errors: 00:01:00.768 : <ERROR> Unable to find trailer by name 'trailer.schw_reefer'. Skipping trailer definition for cargo '@@[email protected]@' (rein...
by liano
20 Dec 2018 00:11
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: Kosice-Krosno: Crash
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Re: Kosice-Krosno: Crash

Create a new profile and put just promods and rusmap to see if it works. For other maps, you need to see the correct loading order on their site. If the problem is with maps that the promods team does not guarantee compatibility, they can not help you, I think.
by liano
20 Dec 2018 00:00
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: Game crashing 2
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Re: Game crashing

If you have a problem, you have to create a new topic even if you think it is the same as the above.
If it is the same, maybe the answer is above.
However, it's apreciated that you posted your gamelog.
by liano
17 Dec 2018 17:40
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: game crash on loading [1.32]
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Re: game crash on loading [1.32]

Now, try to add the other mods one by one (in a new profile) just to see which one is causing the problem. Your past gamelog is showing some errors, but I don't have enough knowlege to say wich one is causing it.