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by Volleybal4life
03 Jan 2020 16:55
Forum: Nederlands
Topic: gamecrash bij Cyprus
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Re: gamecrash bij sardinie

Ik hoop dat je begrijpt dat je een screenshot plaatst van Cyprus en niet Sardinië? Zou je ons je game.log direct na het moment van crashen willen laten inkijken? Je kunt je game.log vinden in je 'Mijn Documenten/Euro Truck Simulator 2'-map. Open hem in kladblok, en kopieer de inhoud naar www.pastebi...
by Volleybal4life
02 Jan 2020 18:39
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Chernobyl In Promods
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Re: Chernobyl In Promods

We aren't even close to developing that area.

But I don't think Chernobyl will be added in ProMods. Access is only allowed under stick conditions. It would be for no use to include it in the game.

Before you ask, same goes for Pripyat.
by Volleybal4life
31 Dec 2019 14:26
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Topic: [WIP] The full real-life ETS2 1.35.x + ProMods 2.4x Map
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Re: [WIP] The full real-life ETS2 1.35.x + ProMods 2.4x Map

Some of you may think. Is the map dead? No it isn't! It's just being updated. I found that Google MyMaps only supports up to 10 layers... Which obviously isn't enough... So I'm moving the map to a new host. But that'll take some time. But the map will return, updated and better then before! I've rec...
by Volleybal4life
29 Dec 2019 18:07
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Topic: Account issues
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Re: Account issues

You can always contact a moderator.
by Volleybal4life
26 Dec 2019 17:03
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Topic: Helsinki-Vantaa Airport?
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Re: Helsinki-Vantaa Airport?

I don't think there's room for the airport. Due to the scale, we simply can't add everything.
by Volleybal4life
08 Dec 2019 11:44
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Topic: How do I install the promods in the Euro truck simulator 2 version 1.36
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Re: How do I install the promods in the Euro truck simulator 2 version 1.36

Well, as the statement above states.

ProMods isn't yet compatible with ETS2 1.36.
by Volleybal4life
05 Dec 2019 17:11
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Topic: 1.36 update
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Re: 1.36 update

Well it's stated many times during the download process and on the forum, that the latest version of ProMods is compatible with ETS2 1.35, and not with 1.36. When people still download it right now, it's their own choice. We can't do anything about that. When people just pay attention to what they d...
by Volleybal4life
05 Dec 2019 14:18
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Topic: SCS Blog
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Re: SCS Blog

by Volleybal4life
04 Dec 2019 22:11
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Topic: [HELP] About ProMods
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Re: [HELP] About ProMods

How about, reading on the TruckersMP website? All the answers are right there..
by Volleybal4life
04 Dec 2019 21:49
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Topic: Road to Black Sea
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Re: Road to Black Sea

TimG95 wrote:
04 Dec 2019 21:21
(al least it looked like that).
It indeed only looked like that. It's the magic of a screenshot.