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by n4gix.bill.leaming
30 Sep 2013 22:45
Forum: Fixed bugs
Topic: [Fixed] Going East! DLC causing road sign issues
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Re: Problem promods with going east addon

Well yes, they have... but in this specific case there is a conflict between ProMods map and the DLC. See ScuL's reply where he acknowledges this.
by n4gix.bill.leaming
26 Sep 2013 21:49
Forum: Introductions
Topic: My intro (who the **** is Nico)
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Re: My intro (who the **** is Nico)

My name is Bill, and I am a sixty-five year old who's been retired four times already. Now in my early dotage, I enjoy ETS2 + mods as a means of relaxation after a day of full-time modeling and programming for several companies under contract for professional flight simulators. These days I speak an...
by n4gix.bill.leaming
24 Sep 2013 00:27
Forum: Not a bug
Topic: Troubles on the Map with DLC and Promods
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Re: Troubles on the Map with DLC and Promods

Yikes! My respects to the ferry captains (and other ships) that have to navigate such a nightmare of tiny islands! :shock:
by n4gix.bill.leaming
23 Sep 2013 19:23
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Change of the trucks?
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Re: Change of the trucks?

Unfortunately, the base game engine does not allow us to change our "Home Garage" nor does it keep a log of our own deliveries.
by n4gix.bill.leaming
22 Sep 2013 14:39
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Patch 1.5.2 Update Topic
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Re: Patch 1.5.2 Update Topic

Well yes, that older version of ETS2 has been working fine for months. Why aren't you running v1.5.2 at least?
by n4gix.bill.leaming
19 Sep 2013 20:50
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: flightsim x and trainsim 2013
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Re: flightsim x and trainsim 2013

I not only "play" with FSX, I am a full-time developer of FSX aircraft and gauge systems for both Eaglesoft Development Group and Military Visualizations.

I also develop "Professional" projects for Prepar3D (the Lockheed-Martin version of FSX).
by n4gix.bill.leaming
04 Sep 2013 20:27
Forum: Fixed bugs
Topic: [Fixed] Helsinki, grass in upgraded garage
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Re: HEY Scul and Nico, need yard mowed.

You need to get on your garage manager's case about not keeping the facilities weeded... ;)
by n4gix.bill.leaming
03 Sep 2013 20:19
Forum: Share the love
Topic: Scotty Transport
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Re: Scotty Transport

I really like your house and driveway! I've been thinking of doing something along those lines, but never seem to be able to set aside enough time for it... full-time modeling and programming seem to have morphed into an "all the time" job! :cry:
by n4gix.bill.leaming
16 Aug 2013 00:07
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Fuel stations in town
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Re: Fuel stations in town

Bremen is the only city in the entire ETS2 map that has a fuel station in the city limits. It is one of the default prefabs and it is better than nothing at all... :lol: