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by Elmer BeFuddled
29 May 2015 00:10
Forum: Fixed bugs
Topic: [Fixed] [1.95] Sat Nav Avoids Autobahn 2
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Re: [1.95] Sat Nav Avoids Autobahn 2

Scenic Route? Or major accident ahead?

Break the mould and ignore your SatNav. Live Free!!
by Elmer BeFuddled
27 May 2015 23:20
Forum: ProMods Academy
Topic: [TUTORIAL] How to Make Skins using ETS2studio
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Re: Quick and Easy Skin Tutorial! [ETS2studio]

Nice work UK_DAF_FAN. Will definitely be giving this a try. I've only ever done trailers before.
by Elmer BeFuddled
24 May 2015 22:53
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: [WIP] The full real-life ETS2 1.35.x + ProMods 2.4x Map
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Re: [WIP] The full real-life ETS2 1.18.x + ProMods 1.9x Map

I did wonder about the faroer bit myself, especially when being from the UK where they are called the Faroe Isles (or Islands), but I just thought it may be a different language thing.
by Elmer BeFuddled
24 May 2015 04:24
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: ProMods Roadhouse (free topic)
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Re: ProMods Roadhouse (free topic)

Tkk7406 is always way too kind for me, I always thank him but it always feels so blunt or dull to simply write "Thanks!"... :) That's where a "like","thanks" or " x found this post useful" button would be handy. It would save the "new" reader scrolling through possibly three pages of thanks posts t...
by Elmer BeFuddled
23 May 2015 17:10
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: Just a little bit of snow ;)
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Re: Just a little bit of snow ;)

From the first pics I'm thinking Geordies would think "Blooody hell man! Looks cald out there, best change me vest for me cap sleeved t-shirt!"
by Elmer BeFuddled
22 May 2015 03:56
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: Map zoom
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Re: Map zoom

Try turning off the color map mod you use (the one that makes the map in your screenshot look real) That wouldn't affect the map view, as has been discovered. When the correct modified game_data file that allows an expanded fov to cover the missing Russian parts is enabled, you will see the coloure...
by Elmer BeFuddled
19 May 2015 17:17
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: Good Vintage Truck Mods?
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Re: Good Vintage Truck Mods?

Good vintage trucks are thin on the ground, but with regards the MB 1519 you should look for this one Mercedes Benz 1519 by jbartarquit
If you get stuck finding it then let me know...
by Elmer BeFuddled
16 May 2015 23:03
Forum: Gameplay issues
Topic: Not A Bug, but it Bugs ME!! Cherbourg Speed Limits
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Not A Bug, but it Bugs ME!! Cherbourg Speed Limits

Something I've always thought I should post about and this time I've remembered! You get off the ferry in Cherbourg (from Portsmouth) and the speed limit is mostly 80km/h. Even through the two sharp bends where the lanes split (chicanes). Finally as you take the last sharp right hander to leave Cher...
by Elmer BeFuddled
03 May 2015 20:29
Forum: Questions & Feedback
Topic: Brightness of AI lights
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Re: Brightness of AI lights

You need to extract the contents of the games base.scs (do the def.scs at the same time!) using the SCS Extractor supplied by SCS on their website. Then look in the unit\hookup folder for the files vehicle_***.sii