Aalborg to Stockholm trip

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09 Aug 2013 13:07

Recorded this last night, bit long but it's the full run, video hadn't been edited in any way :)

Do't mind my driving, I was drinking last night and not always fully focused on the job. Was able to get a solid 60 FPS while recording using Fraps, I believe the frame rate dropped once the entire time for a few seconds to around 30 FPS but other than that it was fine. :)

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09 Aug 2013 16:19

A few screenshots I took during the trip
227300_screenshots_2013-08-09_00001.jpg (181.01 KiB) Viewed 2720 times
227300_screenshots_2013-08-09_00002.jpg (170.22 KiB) Viewed 2720 times
Outside the port/harbor in Stockholm after the delivery
227300_screenshots_2013-08-09_00003.jpg (152.22 KiB) Viewed 2720 times

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09 Aug 2013 16:54

Great stuff mate :)
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09 Aug 2013 20:41

Nice vid and pictures mate ;) Got to ask though what trailer skin pack are you using? It is cool!

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09 Aug 2013 23:38

I was going to ask what skin pack / company mod your using too :)

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27 Oct 2013 13:47

Don't tell me you drink and drive... :o Well... as I do the same sometimes I CANNOT judge anyone and I CANNOT set the example. 8-)
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