Guys I just went to Svalbard

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04 Jun 2018 12:55

After I installed Promods, the first place I want to go is Svalbard.
Finally, I got it!

Well, I think Svalbard is an beautiful island, as I never see the northern world is so beautiful.

Would you see the rest area on the east-south of the Longyearbyen but without any road?
There is a radio telescope station, but it's a little hard to arrive, the road is covered by heavy snow.

*Now I'm planning to visit Barcelona. Where would you suggest to me to visit? Hope your suggestion.
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04 Jun 2018 13:04

You should definitely go to Andorra la Valle, Vaduz-Lichtenstein, Dover-Channel Tunnel (Designed very beautifully) andNorth-Western Iceland (Ísafjörður and Bolungarvik) don't forget to use Northern Icelandic Roads!. These are my favorite roads for now! There is so muc to discover in ProMods :D
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05 Jun 2018 15:13

Like @Abdurrezzak3500 said, Andorra is a good spot. i suggest you get there via France. And then pick up a cargo in Andorra and go to Barcelona. HOWEVER, the first town when you cross the Spanish border, to the right NOT to the left.

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05 Jun 2018 16:58

Zagreb is also nice. To visit

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05 Jun 2018 17:30

One of my favourite routes is the one between Ivalo and the Nordkapp. Another is the curvy road South of Kirkenes.
FTHC.Diu wrote:
04 Jun 2018 12:55
Would you see the rest area on the east-south of the Longyearbyen but without any road?
There is a road, it's just not on the map. ;)
The developer ETS2-User does often build "hidden" roads, I also found one near Vienna and one near Innsbruck.
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05 Jun 2018 17:57

Topolino wrote:
05 Jun 2018 17:30
I also found one near Vienna and one near Innsbruck.
Don't reveal too much. :P
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06 Jun 2018 12:28

Spain, Andorra as well as some areas of the United Kingdom and Ireland are must see but almost everything is to see on promods. ;)

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10 Jun 2018 16:48

Nice photos :)

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