Land Down Under

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02 Sep 2018 02:08

I was driving through Norway on the Island of Svalbard delivering to the seed mine near Longyearbyen and I was curious as to weather I could drive into the mine, well I got to the bottom and found this (spoiler maybe???)

I tried looking around to see if anyone had posted about this but couldn't find any posts. As you can see in the picture, there is an ATM with balloons a flak cannon, bus stop and in the background it has Land Down Under by Men At Work playing on loop. Really interesting to go and take a look at if I was you, I haven't even fully searched the place yet, onwards to the adventure!

Edit: Also found a meetup area further in.


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02 Sep 2018 07:59

Nice one, didn't see this coming at all, now we can all meet here in secret, the rest of the world will never know what's going on down-under... :D

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02 Sep 2018 09:12

That's the mighty HQ of ProMods team, hidden away from public :lol: :lol:
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12 Sep 2018 16:55

I just found this place - love the ingenuity and detail these guys have put in this mod!!
getting out of the tunnel was a tight squeeze
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15 Sep 2018 16:32

Ditto found this place last night, was about to upload to my own post but may as well add to yours! :D

Love finding stuff like this, makes me smile :)



Always got our HiViz PPE in the truck. :mrgreen:

Kept an ear out for any ore trains heading outhe mine, guess only carrying empty beer cases out and fresh ones in LOL :lol:


After all that excitment and 2 days late, something happened under that mine, what happened at the PMds party, stays with the PMds party ;) we both needed somewhere to have some R&R before our 2K onward journey to south Italy so we found a B&B who had parking....they said we would fit :!: ......and that it was flat :roll: ....darn hard reverse park on a steep incline but here we are LOL


Keep the easter eggs coming!
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