Screens by me))

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17 Apr 2019 17:27

Is this real ? :lol:
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23 May 2019 01:06

Hello everobody)) I haven't been there for a long time again))

@EdgeGladiator, thnx, but unfortunatelly, it doesn't my, only traffic 8-)))
@scan720, no, only in game 8-)))

Now important from me)) I don't know, if I will be where... but everything is in order, & i'm present my photos))
My 1st trip on a Porsche Cayenne Turno S 2 generation (Osnabrück garage)




Photo #4

Photo #5
Than i'm back to my work Volvo, but not for long...
Paris - Ivano-Franlovsk (UA, RoExtended):

Ivano-Frankovsk - Bourdeaux:

& empty to Paris home:

Now i'm end for now of my 2nd trip on Cayenne, this photos will be later, may be on a days... & i plain to STOP play of TS games AT ALL, at least till the the end of this 19'summer. In ATS - i will not played from a march at all, than my desktop comp was broken ... Just - my mood last 2 month is VERY BAD & SAD :(((, so like i don't want EVEN a play... I'll see. But so far a so.
I'm driving this maps in our love games:
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