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16 Dec 2018 10:25

Hi everyone! This is my first post on this forums. Hope your guys like it!
This video is a timelapse about driving from Glasgow(UK) to Мурманск(RUS).
Total distance: 4290km
Spend time: 3h21min

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27 Jan 2019 20:19

I just thought I should give the entire map of Promods some appreciation.
Today I drove 4 1/2 hours from the far east to the far west.
Bucharest, Romania - Zarazoga, Spain
This journey was a little over 2 000KM
It's speed up 5x and, it is a little bit of a lengthy video, but give it a look, it showcases a lot of fantastic scenery along the way!

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28 Jan 2019 01:03

Nice video well done
I am Image Dutch living in Image New Zealand and I speak Image EN Image DE Image SE Image FR

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01 Feb 2019 01:52

I'm using The Great Steppe, RusMap and ProMods to drive through the Eurasian.
From Құлсары, Қазақстан to Barcelona, España
Totol length: 5461km
I used 5h11min to complete this trip.

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18 Feb 2019 23:01

As i'm a huge fan of Promods, I decided to make a little cinematic trailer showcasing some of the new areas included.

Feel free to let me know what you think to it! :)

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09 Mar 2019 20:35

I try Antarctica Map ;p

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08 Apr 2019 17:58

Squirrel has uploaded his live stream from Sunday Night on the SquirrelPlus channel... and it's using 2.40!

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25 Apr 2019 15:37

Now i have created a Video from Hannover to Hamburg in ProMods 2.40 So have a look and see the new area About the Maschenener Kreuz south of Hamburg.
Developer of the Westpfalzmap-project in 1:1 (german Part of FSG Map) :
To not miss anything important, follow me on Twitter:
And ofcourse check me out on You Tube: ... NAtDv2Nd3A

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20 May 2019 03:17

This is my first ever video on ProMods and I have to say I love it...Simply the best map mod I have seen. I will show the 2 rebuilt cities in U.K Felixstowe and Chelmsford I hope you enjoy. Keep up the good work ProMods Team :)

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13 Jul 2019 14:19

First time I am doing video editing, visiting Andorra again. ...
*HC. Logistic(Euro) is now doing business.

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