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22 Sep 2015 14:47

Join me on a trip from the town to the farm, riding into the sunset with custom all american AI traffic and economy :D

@Rodenta questions about vids please direct to my youtube :)

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23 Sep 2015 21:03

Now the time has come to start a series its called Virtual Trucker`s Life and first episode is now available for you to see, complete with my terrible commentary :D enjoy if you can !

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23 Sep 2015 23:41

Fantastic video! And your commentary wasn't bad at all, I easily understood what you said ;)
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ATS v1.36x, DLC content

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24 Sep 2015 00:23

One note: you ended the video at the former border of the DDR and the BRD :D
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25 Sep 2015 05:22

Lol :D
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26 Sep 2015 10:21

Thanks guys !

@ Mendelsoft

So you`re sayin` I was actually sleeping on a iron curtain ? :)

Here is the 2nd episode, I had a dream...

enjoy !

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09 Oct 2015 00:17

I love Promods map and I think its the best map mod available for ETS 2. Keep up the good work guys ;)

I did a drive from Birmingham to Rotterdam, so please check it out.
My YouTube Channel: ... do2HUKPl0A

Keep up the good work ProMods ;)

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29 Oct 2015 20:37

I recorded about two hours of a trip from Dijon to Göteborg. No promods-added cities, but you can see modifications made my promods right from the beginning (in Paris)

There is live commentary with my inconsistent and relatively weak voice. The commentary is sparse as I don't talk without being talked to, usually. Be warned that there is a mild amount of swearing, but because of my weak voice it shouldn't carry much.

Other mods involved are:
- Military cargo by Jazzycat
- AI traffic pack by Jazzycat
- AI traffic pack by Taina95
- Project Balkans (I thought it wasn't working in the video but it turns out I just didn't recognize its changes, because of how little of its projected scope it currently adds)

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25 Dec 2015 14:23

Thanks ProMods for the new 2.0 of your Map!
I drived a bit and how it looks like you can see in the video below :D :

Other Mods i used: My Foggy Weather 1.5; AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat and SISL Accesiory Pack.
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25 Dec 2015 22:25

Die erste Fahrt auf der neuen Map ProMods 2.0 - Von Berlin Neukölln über die A100 raus aus Berlin nach Flensburg.

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