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05 Apr 2016 12:26

I made a video driving through iceland. Feel free to share if you like :)

PS: I added an english description and an english title.

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mark hackenbacker
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10 Apr 2016 04:59

you may notice i aint hanging around,got somewhere to get to on time

no loafing going on

destroy them.destroy them at once

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24 Apr 2016 15:18

I made a tour through Stockholm with my combi of Schavemaker Beverwijk (headquarter) to the ferry to Turku (Finland).
I started the freight from Amsterdam,my headquarter in game.
If i'm wrong here, let me know. I drove in my real working days at Schavemaker,and i'm exited that i can make this memory's back again with Promods 2.0.
I'm almost 70 years young and retired now,but i'm playing my real life now as long time ago.

Here's the YouTube link:

Thanks for following.

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24 Apr 2016 19:24

This is a timelapse of me driving around in promods 2.01
I love the map! Nice work!
Hello :)

My YouTube channel: :D

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25 Apr 2016 17:48

Even een ritje van Amsterdam naar IJsland,het filmpje begint met inschepen in Torshavn.
Op de achtergrond ligt de boot waarmee ik naar Torshavn ben gevaren.
Aankomst in Seydisfjodur of zoiets.
Op IJsland aangekomen meteen in de winter,geen aparte mod,maar verwerkt in Promods 2.0.
Ik moet naar een bedrijf wat Stein heet. Ergens in de middle of nowhere op het eiand.
Het enige onrealistische is dat ik lege pallets vervoer van Amsterdam naar Stein.
Dat doe je normaal natuurlijk niet.
Ik zou zeggen geniet van de beelden van IJsland en zie de overgang van de kou naar milder klimaat.
Ben er nooit geweest,dus of het echt realistisch is weet ik niet.

I made a trip from Amsterdam to Iceland,the story begins with boarding on the ferry in Torshavn.
On the horizon the ship where i came into Torshavn.
On arrival in Seydisfjordur it's pretty cold and winter,no mod,but build-in Promods 2.0.
I have to deliver on a company (mining?) called Stein,somewhere in the middle of nowhere on the isle of Iceland.
The only sadness is i have to deliver empty pallets,normaly you don't,at least not by truck from Amsterdam.
I would say enjoy the pure nature on Iceland and enjoy the changes of nature on the road.
I never been there,so if it's as real i don't know.
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25 Apr 2016 18:11

Heel leuk dat je een video plaatst maar je content moet wel in het engels hea ;)

Very nice that you place a video but your content must be in english ;)
Tregion Developer and Promods associate ;)

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27 Apr 2016 12:15

I started a Let's Play series of ETS2 a couple of weeks ago, but it's only recently that I tried it out with ProMods. I must say, the game looks and feels entirely different. Like ETS3 even! :D

Here's the first episode of the series that has ProMods in it. I don't think I'll be able to go back to vanilla, now that I've been spoiled with ProMods awesomeness:

Stay tuned to the entire ETS2 series here: ... fYrl0eqziG

It's going to be all ProMods goodness from here on out. :D

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23 May 2016 15:08

Long Haul Trucker Notes
Trip #94

Velikie Luki (Russia) - Brest (Belarus)
Lvl: 120
Km: 518 473 km
Truck: Scania R730 Streamline (Topline) - 463 203 km
Garages: 187
Trucks/ Drivers: 227

ETS2 TRIPS: ... bCf4mNByXA

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08 Jun 2016 16:51

I have made a timelapse video driving through Iceland. (Vik to Akureyri)

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Steini (TM)
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21 Jun 2016 16:14

Beeedoooo - beeeedooo - beeedoo... :lol:

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