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20 Dec 2013 12:39

That Ford Cargo looks like it has way too much matt plastic on it.. doesnt like it so much coz of that.. In Finland theres a saying, Ford - Hell on earth!

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20 Dec 2013 12:48

I could easily be wrong but isn't it being built for the south American market? Pretty sure it isn't coming to the UK.

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20 Dec 2013 15:27

Hello, Guys!

@MovieScouse007 - cool pics of Ford Cargo you provide. So, thanks for that - I haven't seen it yet. And now I know fo' shou' that there's uglier truck than the new Renault Euro6. Don't take it personnal, mate, just not my style. Despite that, I'd like to have a go at both of them. :)
@zees90 - You are totally right! I cannot say it better. :D
@Andy_GTI - Here's some info. Hope it's helpful: "The Ford Cargo is a forward control (cab-over-engine) truck model manufactured by Ford. Originally launched in 1981 by Ford of the United Kingdom, it is now built in Brazil and Turkey with the latest generation of the Cargo launched in 2012. With Ford's sale of its commercial vehicle division to Iveco in 1986, the Cargo was sold in Europe under the Ivevo Ford name until 1993, when the Cargo was updated and became the Iveco Eurocargo." ... "The Cargo was styled by Patrick Le Quément who included windows which extended down to floor level in the doors to enable drivers to see pathways in urban locations more easily when parking. The Cargo cab was very successful and was commonly seen in US Postal Service duty, and as a city tractor for freight companies such as Roadway Express.
The model is still made by Brazilian, Argentinian and Venezuelan (also known as the Ford Trader) Ford subsidiaries, the Turkish Ford Otosan, and the Indian Ashok Leyland (Stallion). And it is also made by Freightliner Trucks and sold as the Sterling Cargo or the Freightliner Cargo in the United States.
Ford than sold the Ford LCF as a smaller cab-over alternative in the US to be more competitive with similar trucks, such as the Mitsubishi Fuso Canter and Isuzu Elf (N Series), but with poor sales."
Two things about ETS2 I hate - you can never hit F10 or the brakes fast enough.

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21 Dec 2013 19:32

huh didnt know that always thought Freightliner was its own company.

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23 Dec 2013 00:06

Waiting :D
Once a trucker, always a trucker!

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24 Dec 2013 01:03

I traveled to Jonkoping last week (then I went to Vaxjo ;) - :shock: Guys, I have to tell you, this is like the tidiest place on Earth! The gardens and the parks there are mezmerising, the architecture's awesome... The whole town looks SO cosy, it's SO, SO STUNNING that even I cannot put it in words in order to describe it :shock: ), cuz I saw nice second-hand truck for sale in the newspaper. Well, I new that there's price on her head already and I knew what I was looking for... Hell, it costs literally the equivalent of her waight in gold to purchase and also costs a fortune to run BUT it's worth it. Warstrikerrr has kept her in perfect condition, so I didn't have to think twice about should I buy her or not - just gone for it straight away! Then, back in Stockholm I fit her with a custom trailer, so no wander she wasn't on the road for days now ;) On the pic below you can see me waiting to get loaded for very first time in Stockholm, then I drove back to Jonkoping to deliver the goods... And say 'Hello' to Warstrikerrr ;)
ets2_00000.jpg (115.77 KiB) Viewed 2642 times
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Two things about ETS2 I hate - you can never hit F10 or the brakes fast enough.

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24 Dec 2013 01:05

ets2_00005.jpg (113.39 KiB) Viewed 2642 times
ets2_00006.jpg (103.13 KiB) Viewed 2642 times
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Two things about ETS2 I hate - you can never hit F10 or the brakes fast enough.

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24 Dec 2013 08:04

you stun us again with excellence
the cybermen's planet mondas.just down the road from skaro,planet of the daleks
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24 Dec 2013 12:57

great pics i wish you a merry chrismas

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