Development on version 2.x (Iberian Peninsula Project)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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13 Nov 2017 06:36

Sometime in the future I might rework Andorra and add some more cool stuff, but it's not a priority. :)
CptCaribbean wrote:
12 Nov 2017 14:54
Will we have in the upcoming ProMods version a connection between Catalonia and Basque County?
Yes it most likely will be in there. :D
luisiko wrote:
12 Nov 2017 14:29
realdeal350 wrote:
12 Nov 2017 01:53
Zaragoza is now finished :)
<snipped the amazing images>
The first photo is Paseo María Agustín / Pza Europa?
The third photo is the Puente del Tercer Milenio / Avda Pablo Ruiz Picasso / Water Tower?
The fourth I think it's the same but from the other way (when Avda Pablo Ruiz Picasso crosses with Avda José Atarés in the roundabout)
The last photos seems to be Z-40

I'll edit this post with street view links to compare :)

It's an amazing work (I can recognize almost all the places :o . Congratulations!!!!

First photo:, ... 6656?hl=es
Third photo:, ... 6656?hl=es
4th:, ... 6656?hl=es
9th (I'm not sure):, ... 6656?hl=es
10th:, ... 6656?hl=es
Wow, thanks a lot man! :D I'm really glad you were able to recognise the photos!
A guy from Australia developing Spain? U wot?

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13 Nov 2017 11:56

Nathan_A_RF wrote:
12 Nov 2017 21:44
Andorra is likely to remain as it is but is also likely to be cosmetically upgraded in areas (textures, prefabs, road signs, editable signs etc.). We are still trying to determine the font used on the signs ;)
Sent the email like i promised. Didn't hear from them :?

Callipso wrote:
12 Nov 2017 23:39
I've been re-doing lots of that area already myself, I used the french road signs here and used the caracteres_l1 font for the bold font inside the red panel.


it doesn't look a perfect match though I think its fairly close from looking at the some of the Andorra signs from google maps.


unfortunately, I could not get a O with a grave mark above it for the St.Julia sign it seems that character is not supported so just an ordinary O has to be sufficient.

I've also done lots for the merged portion of southern France, though most of that is based on already available templates and not the fixed boards that would require extra work, I've also replaced all the old toll booths with new ones and am looking at other things to try and update like the highway interchanges near Pau and some of the nasty one lane interchanges in Switzerland that are remnants of SCS vanilla map.
The problem with Andorra is that some signs have the Spanish format:


And others don't:

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13 Nov 2017 15:36

Nice work ;)
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13 Nov 2017 21:17

brainiac wrote:
13 Nov 2017 01:11
So, you are one more beta tester which will become developer? If yes, it is good news.
Switzerland: the easiest and the worst improvement is widening using same interchange prefabs with one more lane, what I done. I just wanted 2 lanes instead of 1. I hope that you will do something better.
well, I don't have an actual agenda about becoming a developer who works on the Europe map of ETS2, I have interest more in ATS since I live in the States I'm more in the beginnings of working with the editor in a way I can now fully appreciate and understand and ETS2 with ProMods is a good way for me to learn and compare my work and quality with what already exists.. I'll obviously do more in the future as this is just the beginnings of my work with the editor. I'm not sure what you want me to do that is better?
PirriAND wrote:
13 Nov 2017 11:56

The problem with Andorra is that some signs have the Spanish format:

And others don't:
Yes, there are very few template models that have the rounded edges of those roundabout signs as well, in fact there were only large fat Spanish boards in the sign pool to use and obviously those roundabout signs are more rectangular than those signs as well. I have some fairly well grounded experience working with 3D models though I never liked blender very much and is kind of why I'd rather avoid using it, otherwise I'd just go ahead and make my own signs and models to use in the game.
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13 Nov 2017 21:25

Viva La France will need many rebuild signs :) signs is the weakest weakness by SCS

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14 Nov 2017 00:11

Callipso, will be in Promods you small work here?
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14 Nov 2017 05:43

brainiac wrote:
14 Nov 2017 00:11
Callipso, will be in Promods you small work here?
No, I haven't contacted anyone yet about doing that. This is not all that complex something the devs could do themselves in a weekend since its just templated signs. I posted to just give an idea of what the signs could look like with what is already available, I wouldn't mind going around their map and adding signs its kind of tedious work that an extra person could do that add some details to the map take some pressure off the guys that could be doing other things. I can make most any sign now as long as the atlas is populated with the right icons and such.

I'll open a thread on the show your work section of the Academy at some point, I'm thinking of some ways to make Andorra look better than it already does I may attempt to add in La Massana down the CG-3 there might just be enough space for a small village town back there if not I'll just stick to Andorra la Vella and the French Pyrenees section of the map while I learn what I can with editor. A goal I have eventually is to work the area around Monaco, though i'm afraid the central town were the country is located would be difficult as the roads are narrow and such trucks are forbidden and the road out of there is extremely long, though perhaps the area just outside that center Beausoleil could be developed and you could peer into the city below while still being able to merge again with the A8 without having to take a significant detour. That is just an idea at the moment. I don't want to de-rail this thread with talk of France though, Iberia is also of strong interest to me which is why I like working on the Pyrenees border where both countries are. The N20 in the game ends just as you go up toward Andorra perhaps connect the Llivia area to the C-16 and perhaps work to connect Perpignan with the N116 in the same area. Llvia would have to be scenery though there isn't much to speak of in that small village.

david martin lopez
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15 Nov 2017 13:02

Is how the city of Pamplona and its surroundings? It has finished all yet?

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15 Nov 2017 13:19

Pamplona will appear in the next version.
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16 Nov 2017 14:11

Zaragoza looks very nice. Soria or maybe Madrid will be in version 2.3?

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