[On hold] Development on version 2.x (Iceland Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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27 Apr 2018 07:19

YNM wrote:
23 Apr 2018 02:10
Just avoid deliveries to Akureyri, Húsavík, Krafla, Ísafjörður, and Bolungarvík. You've been well-warned about the difficulties in reaching these destinations by the presence of this sign in the world map :
I gotta admit I haven't checked what updates Iceland got, but back when I designed it, you could reach Akureyri without driving on snow-covered roads. You only had to take a small detour via Húsavik, instead of blindly following GPS.

Did that change?

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27 Apr 2018 08:08

The last time I drove on Iceland (when the fjords on south shore of Route 1 was introduced), Route 87 features some length of snow-covered section, which previously wasn't snowed (almost the entirety of Route 1 is snowed near Lake Mývatn, Route 87-85 is the alternative). Route 1 to the west of Akureyri is also somewhat snowed for a really short length between Varmahlíð and Blönduós, between two short tunnels (which don't exist IRL ! nor those near Lake Mývatn).

If there's any tunnel, it's going to be between Akureyri and the intersection between Route 1 and Route 833. (Vaðlaheiðargöng)

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28 Apr 2018 08:20

I think the snow does not make any sense since there's always summer in ETS2. It just feels out of place. I know the snow is made for variation in Iceland but since ETS engine does not handle snow very well (snow physics or graphical sense) it feels out of place, especially when there's thunder storms occuring at the same time.

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28 Apr 2018 08:42

The cloudy and darkness in thunderstorms emulates the winter better, though.

That being said, I mostly play with either a spring or autumn weather mod, or a light winter mod (no snows). Having snows that far north is just perfect for those stuff.

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22 May 2018 04:54

Love Iceland. The snow might not be as good as we wish, but I love to see it and drive in it. Thanks to everyone who makes it possible.

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11 Jun 2018 23:41

Wow, this is a real surprise. I always wanted to check out Iceland in Promods but was never motivated enough to drive all the way up there. I was expecting some basic roads with some snow and rocks... I was thinking it's only there for some basic northern-flavour and would be a short experience... but OMG. This is probably my favorite map in Promods now. There is so much content up there, all the great cities and original road stops, unique road signs and the mesmerizing and crazy varied landscape! I'm loving it! It's just beautiful, very interesting and fun to drive. Great work, guys! :)

The only thing which I don't like on Iceland are the Icelandic radio stations I'm listening to while driving. Why are you guys only listening to English pop ballads? Lol:D

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12 Jun 2018 10:32

Jam some Sigur Rós while you drive in Iceland :)
Svefn-g-englar, Olsen Olsen, Starálfur, Hoppípolla, Glósóli, Brennisteinn, etc
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13 Jun 2018 03:01

To that end apparently they released an album just recently called "Route One" that has coordinate points to certain points on the ring road around the island

PM since v1.83 :D

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13 Jun 2018 15:04

Yes I was listening to it yesterday hehe
Did you know they made a Route One gigantic video of 24 hours driving in Iceland?
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22 Jun 2018 21:55

A few weeks ago I visited Iceland in ETS for the first time. And I really love it! So I spend a lot of time there driving each road (even in the highlands) and visiting each city. I loved it so much, that I just booked my next holiday there... not driving a truck, but a rental car at least. :-) Tanks a lot for this great map!

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